Men worry more about losing their hair than finding a long term partner or being made bankrupt according to startling new research.  Results show British men are 20% more likely to worry about going bald than finding a long term partner and 50% more likely to worry about hair loss than going bankrupt.  What’s more, twice as many men worry about their hair line than their performance in the bedroom . 

The research commissioned by REGAINE® to mark the launch of its revolutionary new hair loss treatment, REGAINE® for Men Foam, asked 2,000 men and women in the UK about their attitudes towards hair loss.

The findings go on to reveal that two thirds of men thought having a full head of hair made them more attractive to the opposite sex (65%)  while  a quarter of men admit that going bald could even affect the chance of their career progression (25%).

The younger generation (under 18 years old) rank hair loss as a higher worry than older age groups  with 73% of all respondents agreeing that a full head of hair them look younger . 
Welshmen top the list of regions who worry most about hair loss in the UK while men from the East Midlands were least concerned about their receding hair lines. 

Despite hair loss making recent headlines with Prince William, research shows that it is still considered to be a taboo subject in the UK with a staggering three quarters (76%) of men admitting they do not talk to their friends of partner about going bald.

Marilyn Sherlock, Chairman of The Institute of Trichologists, comments, “I don’t think it is surprising, in this day and age how much emphasis men place on having great hair. Experiencing some hair loss is a fact of life for a vast majority of men with research showing that 8 million men in the UK currently suffer from hair loss and 40% of men under 35 are already losing their hair.

Nearly a quarter of British men who were surveyed admitted the reason they don’t seek help or advice about hair loss is because they simply don’t believe treatments work (24%) . When asked on how they deal with balding, British men are most inclined to cover it up with a hat or hair piece (30%), use a hair thickening shampoo or supplement (33%) or most drastically, shave off their remaining hair (32%) . In fact, over half of British women (55%) agree that shaving their head is the best solution for balding men.

To bring in the New Year and celebrate a different kind of new beginning, REGAINE® has introduced a brand new over-the-counter product, REGAINE® For Men Foam which is clinically proven to stop men’s hair loss. Used twice a day, every day, it is a revolutionary new product that not only helps men take control of hair loss, but can also help men re-grow their hair. Research showed that nine out of ten men said they kept or regrew hair using New REGAINE® For Men Foam.

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