Planning for a holiday can be a stressful time - between all the things we need to remember to pack, booking time off work and making sure that we have changed the money it's difficult to remember to pack the insect repellant - let alone when your next period is due.

Taking into consideration our period schedule is something that all of us have most likely thought about when taking a trip - especially if you suffer from heavy periods, nobody wants to be sat on the edge of the pool unable to take a dip and cool down, in the sweltering heat, just in case their is a little leak.

Modern science has done it again and we now have a product that we can buy easily over-the-counter from the pharmicist that helps us to combat a heavy flow.

Femstrual is newly available that enables women to make an informed decision to take control and self-medicate a condition that many find embarrassing.

Alexandra Bingham, 23, suffered for years with heavy periods, she tells FemaleFirst: "I used to have to get up in the middle of the night to change my protection, just so I wouldn't leak all over my bed sheets. I had an extra-thick mattress protector because I was so paranoid about flooding. Light coloured sheets or bottoms were never an option at the time of the month."

Heavy bleeding is rarely discussed with friends, and research indicates that many women tend to suffer in silence. But heavy menstrual bleeding can affect women both physically and emotionally. Up to two in three women with recurring heavy periods develop anaemia which can cause dizzy spells and fatigue.

You can now use the online heavy menstrual bleeding sympton checker and see whether you suffer from heavy flows - it can now be easily treated.

Alexandra continues: "Now I'm in a position to address my flow, and will hopefully have extra room in my handbag that's not taken up by towels and tampons."

Make a change to your life today and don't Mother Nature's monthly gift affect your holiday.

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