Sometimes we need a little encouragement

Sometimes we need a little encouragement

January is here. The month long promised to healthy starts, diets and detox. To help you on your way to a fitter 2012 we have the best tips to get you into action and into the gym.

Sometimes we need a little encouragement to get ourselves into a fitter state. Survey results reveal the biggest barriers to joinging a gym are high membership ffes, fixed contracts and lack of time.

Justin Way, Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert at Pure Gym ( has some post festive fitness tips to help you stay svelte, avoid the winter bulge and keep up the gym routine well into the year.

So, print these out or write them down and carry them in your purse or wallet.

We don't want any more gym excuses:

1. Head for a workout straight from work.  Don't go home and have your tea, because you'll wait for it to digest and before you know it its dark, gloomy and freezing cold which will more than likely mean you staying on the sofa getting bored which could lead to you raiding the treat cupboard.

2. Warm up efficiently:  During the winter as your body is colder it will take longer to warm up, ensure you're out of breath and nearly sweating before you really go for it.

3. Plan your sessions:  In the winter you'll probably hide under the biggest comfiest sweater you have, which leads to a false sense of how you look.  So ensure you have a workout schedule and stick to it.  Plan your workouts and don't miss them.  That way you'll still be progressing and when it comes to January and everyone is in the "weight loss" frame of mind  you'll already be one step ahead.

4. Good workout gear:  If you train outdoors then invest in some good base layers, these are the tight fitting clothes you see under some runners shorts and t-shirts.  They are supposed to be tight and this compresses the muscles; research has shown that a compressed muscle will be able to exert more power which means to being able to run quicker, lift more ultimately get to your goal faster.

5. Buddy up!  Find someone who also has health and fitness goals and train with them.  There has been lots of research to prove that if you train with a friend or in groups you will stick at working towards your goal for longer, which also leads to you having more chance of achieving it too.

6. All year round:  You've worked so hard through the spring and summer months getting into shape for your holidays, why let it all go through the winter and up back at square one?  Be disciplined and follow your routine so come next year you could be looking even better.

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