Garlic may reduce risk of skin cancer

Garlic may reduce risk of skin cancer

New research confirms further benefit of garlic supplements 

Garlic has long been known for its heart health benefits, but now new
research has found taking a daily garlic supplement may reduce the risk of
skin cancer.1 

According to researchers at the Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute in
India, the ingestion of garlic was found to delay the formation and reduce
the size of tumours in the skin.  In particular their research identified
that garlic contains natural compounds, formed when allicin molecules
interact with each other, that can help block lipid peroxide – a known
cancer causing substance, and can help the body defend itself against
cancerous cells.

Skin cancer or malignant melanoma as it is formally known, is thought to be
responsible for 1,700 deaths in the UK each year and is the second most
common cancer in people aged 15 to 39. 2

This latest research is further confirmation of the many health benefits of
garlic.  Previous research has linked garlic to reducing cholesterol and
blood pressure levels, maintaining overall cardiovascular health and
preventing the formation of gallstones.

Expert herbalist Dr Serene Foster says: “Garlic has been traditionally used
to help people to maintain their cardiovascular health and today its
efficacy is supported by clinical research.  This latest research
demonstrates that the health benefits of garlic are not limited to just
heart health.  Finding a quality supplement, with a high allicin content is
vital if you are going to experience the full health benefit.  Look for
standardised products that deliver consistent, quality extracts in levels
that really work”

Over the counter garlic supplements are widely in pharmacies and healthfood
stores and are an effective alternative to eating raw garlic.  

Standardised garlic powder tablets are the most proven form of
supplementation in clinical research. Always look for a garlic supplement
with a high allicin yield to ensure maximum benefit and a standardised
extract to ensure consistent dosage. Try Kwai One-A-Day costs £4.99 for 30
one-a-day tablets, £13.95 for 100 one-a-day tablets. Available from Boots,
Tesco, Sainsbury's, Superdrug, Morrisons, Waitrose, Holland & Barrett,
Lloyds Pharmacy and all good independent health food stores and pharmacies.
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