Halle Berry and the infamous Bond shot

Halle Berry and the infamous Bond shot

Inspired by the premiere of ‘Skyfall’ we’ve decided to team up with the secret author of #DiaryOfACelebrityStomach, known only on twitter as @ALifeOfLettuce (www.twitter.com/ALifeOfLettuce ), to uncover the diet and training secrets of the great Bond Girls of the past and present so you too can get a body like a Bond girl.

Halle Berry: Eat Your 5-a-day

Long before she was known for her figure hugging cat suit in ‘Catwoman’ in 2004, Halle Berry’s body made the headlines as she starred as Jinx in ‘Die Another Day’ in 2002. Talking about her training and diet Halle says ‘I work out 5 days a week and try to eat a lot of lean protein, vegetables and fruit.’ Her personal trainer Nat Bardonnet particularly emphasises the fresh fruit and vegetables she eats, and for good reason since studies reveal they are both high in fibre which has been shown to keep you fuller for longer compared to more calorific and less fibrous snack options. Perhaps less obvious as well, fruits and vegetables are packed full of things called phytochemicals which are chemical compounds that researchers have found increase our body’s ability to burn fat.  The phytochemical containing foods and drinks to be included in your diet are berries, tomatoes, whole grains and green tea which contains the hugely popular phytochemical epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which is widely praised for its fat loss properties.

Britt Ekland: Yoga Yourself Thin

Famed for starring as Mary Goodnight in ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ the Swedish born actress now religiously partakes in regular yoga orientated workouts and rigorous training routines to maintain her amazing figure, whilst also being very outspoken about fad diets. This is a very healthy approach to fitness since yoga’s long been praised for helping to tone, lengthen, and strengthen your muscles but also it’s also thought to help you lose fat by improving digestion which eliminates water retention, bloating and constipation and also improves how well your endocrine system works, which is responsible for your appetite, mood and sleep patterns. Also she relies on running and other forms of training to create a ‘calorie deficit’ and burn more calories than she eats. This is not only a more effective way to lose weight than dieting, but also far healthier since you don’t starve the body of key nutrients which are so important to good health, something Britt now tells younger actresses about.

Honor Blackman: Kick Fat Loss  

There’s no disputing that Honor Blackman who starred as Pussy Galore in the film ‘Goldfinger’ was in unbelievable shape but even more impressive was her martial arts skills. Yes few people know that Honor was highly skilled in a few martial arts, namely judo, ju jitsu and karate and she credits all of them for her amazing body and equally amazing stunt combat skills. But don’t worry you don’t have to be a black belt to get a body like Honor and nor do you have to get hit in the face or thrown across a dojo. Boxercise for instance is a type of aerobic exercise that’s based on boxing and has been shown to burn up to 340-420 calories per hour. Not to mention it uses every muscle in the entire body so is great for a full body workout that burns fat and tones muscles at the same time.

Berenice Marlohe: Lift Some Weights

Little is known about the new bond girl Berenice Marlohe’s training and diet regime, all we know is that she’s gifted with great genetics and has amazing curves, something that all Bond Girls are known for. So if you want to develop shapely legs and a tiny waist try adding the below exercises to your routine:

  1. Squats: These burn more calories than just about anything else since they recruit so many muscle fibres. Also don't be afraid to add weight so long as your form is good. These will tone your bum, and thighs and eat into fat stores. Aim to complete 15 repetitions for a total of 4 sets.
  2. Swiss ball dumbbell chest press: This hits the shoulders, the triceps and the chest altogether. Doing the exercise on a swiss ball means the stomach and core has to work to stabilise so your midsection gets toned simultaneously. Again aim for 15 repetitions for a total of 4 sets.
  3. Lunges with a medicine ball rotation. As you lower into the lunge, rotate at the waist toward the front leg. These will target your bum, thighs and midsection. Again aim for 15 repetitions for a total of 4 sets for a full body toning workout.

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