Don't suffer, do something about it

Don't suffer, do something about it

One in seven adults in the UK are affected by migraines at some point during their lifetime and even more by mild to moderate headache symptoms. 

If you regularly come home from the office with headaches and fatigued eyes then help is at hand from one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of LED-lighting solutions.

During 2011 over 25 million working days were lost in the UK due to headaches costing the UK economy a total of 1 billion pounds.

A wide range of daily stresses and strains could be to blame but one of the most common causes might be the type of artificial lighting you are exposed to.

Light output from florescent bulbs and tubes is not continuous but in a series of spikes causing a flickering effect. Although we cannot always see this flicker it can cause the pupil of the eye to dilate and contract rapidly possibly leading to headaches, migraines and eye fatigue in many cases.

LED lighting as well as not emitting heat, does not flicker and has one continuous light making them ideal in working environments.

Clyde Roberts, LEDtec (UK) Ltd, said: “You can eliminate the possible problems caused by florescent bulbs by installing LED lighting. LEDtec ceiling panels and light tubes are perfect for office use as they emit a very focused and clear light that does not flicker.”

Please remember that it is always important to report any on-going headache or migraine symptoms to your doctor or medical practitioner.

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