Which do you prefer to use?

Which do you prefer to use?

It's a decision that we have to make monthly and it all comes down to comfort and convenience. New data indicated that there has been a shift in how women are choosing their hygiene products and it seems that sanitary towels are coming up on top over tampons.  

Going against common belief the figures below show that over 1 million more women use towels opposed to tampons when it comes to using the right sanitary protection for them. 

A survey of more than 1000 women in UK, conducted by Bodyform, found that one in two women are more argumentative during their period, 59 per cent feel bloated, 53 per cent extra tired and 70 per cent notice mood swings. So, basically we need to do all we can to make sure that we're kept comfortable and confident. 

Bodyform Ultra towels now have new all-round leakage barriers and a feminine lilac print to highlight the absorbent areas. With Securefit technology, the uniquely designed towel shapes itself to your body and stays in place, to give you the extra protection and confidence you deserve.

Yulia Kretova, Marketing Manager for Bodyform says: “We believe sanitary protection is something you wear, not something you use – with all the fit, comfort and quality that demands. We want to help women release their energy and achieve their dreams without anything holding them back. Women should always feel feminine and confident because they deserve the very best, every day of the year.”

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