Adults are investing in teeth correction in search for the perfect smile, according to new research.

Health on Female First

Health on Female First

In the past year alone, demand for adult braces has risen by nearly half as Brits pursue straighter teeth. Fortunately, there are now alternatives to the unsightly train tracks that plagued the school days of many a teenager, as dental brands cash in on this popular trend. Many braces now are completely invisible and cause far less discomfort.

Discreet lingual braces – hidden behind the teeth – have seen the biggest growth, having more than doubled in the past six months alone. ‘Incognito’ is the favourite brand of lingual braces and although they might cost an average £4,510, that’s not stopped enquiries shooting up 610% in just six months.

American brand Invisalign is also proving popular, with enquiries up 64% in six months as patients opt for this widely available option. Those looking for this discreet retainer-style alignment treatment will have to fork out an average £2,453, although prices vary depending on the severity of the problem. The ‘Inman Aligner’, which has seen an increase in demand of 44% in the past year, is the cheapest option but will still set buyers back around £1,400.  

Celebs are also fronting this trend with a long list of stars that have opted for braces in later life, such as Tom Cruise, Niall Horan, Justin Bieber, Katherine Heigl and Faith Hill.  

Caelen King, CEO of who conducted the research, comments: “Increased emphasis on having perfect teeth, especially amongst celebrities, has resulted in a surge in popularity for adult braces across the UK.

“Demand for teeth straightening is higher than it has ever been. The choice has never been as great but – with so many options available – it can be hard to know what's right for you.

“Before committing to a treatment ask the dental expert about related costs, as often X-rays and repairs cost extra and can mount up. Don’t forget to shop around, as there are cost savings to be made due to rising competition among brands.”


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