Almased - Have you heard of it - well to be honest I hadn't, that was until my colleagues kindly volunteered me to trial it.

Almased Diet Programme

Almased Diet Programme

The claims the company make are

1 Optimum nutrition through a combination of their basic ingredients

2 Effective weight control without losing muscle mass

3Users have more energy and vitality as a direct result of good nutrition

4 It can be used in conjunction with all common diets and has been proven to increase their success.

These are pretty strong claims.

I like to keep myself fit and I eat healthy, but like a lot of people I have a 'stubborn' area that no amount of sensible dieting of exercise the 'podge' clings on no matter what I do - short of lypo - so the claims about energy levels, no muscle loss et cetera really appealed to me.

So out came the scales, tape measure and 'fat pinchers' to get an accurate, and honest starting point. My main point of focus for this diet was on my waistline, as I said earlier this is the spot that my unwanted weight is hardest to get off.


Waist 34

Chest 42

Collar 16

Hips 41.3

Weight 13st 10lb

BMI 24.8

The trial starts:

The diet is in four stages:

1 Initiation Stage - Day 1 - Day 3

2 Reduction Stage Day 4 - Day 7

3 Stabilisation Stage - Day 8 - Day 10

4 Life Phase Day 11 - for as long as you like.

Phase 1

During these first three days you replace all your meals with the Almased shake. You are recommended to cut out all carbs but you can snack twice during the day on a vegetable broth, they provide a recipe, and of course plenty of water.

I mixed my shake using soya milk instead of water and didn't bother with the vegetable broth.

At the end of the Initiation Stage I can fully agree with their claim that energy levels remained high, I work out every morning before work and I was able to do so without feeling tired or lethargic - so first claim achieved.

Also I can say generally I felt - I don't know specifically, but just better in myself.

Not surprisingly I have not lost any noticeable weight yet but on past diets it usually takes around five days for the weight loss to kick in.

Up next - stage two the 'Reduction Stage'

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