Having moved on to the 'reduction' stage -(I liked the title for this phase), it was time to see if it worked!



Remember below are my starting statistics.


Waist 34

Chest 42

Collar 16

Hips 41.3

Weight 13st 10lb

BMI 24.8

The reduction phase covered four days, during this phase your body will burn to burn fat. The difference from 'initiation' instead of three Almased meals it dropped to two with one meal from the supplied menu help list, I went for Almased for breackfast, normal meal for lunch, and Almased for evening meal.

How did it work, I stuck to the rules rigidly and at the end of day 7 weighted and measured myself. Before revealling the stats I would say this, true to the products claim I never felt hungry or listless and lacking energy which was a real bonus as I could continue with my early morning gym sessions - well done Almased.

Statistics at the end of Day 7:

Waist 33

Chest 42

Collar 15.5

Hip 40.5

weight 13st 7lb

BMI 24.5

Not huge but for seven days great and as I said I was feeling good throughout.

Stabilisation Phase

This phase from day 8 through to day10 is intended to get your metabolism working at the ideal leval.

THe Almased meals reduced to one per day with two normal meals.

Statistics at the end of day 10:

Waist 32

Chest 42

Collar 15

Hip 40.0

Weight 13st 2lb

BMI 23.9

This was pretty impresssive, after ten days to lose 8 pound stay feeling fit and energised, improve my BMI, and fitness levels, wow.

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