The survey by One Poll for Robinsons also showed that two thirds (67%) of people claim they are 'too busy' during the working day to grab a glass of water. Our busy, modern lifestyles are not only to blame, taste also influences how much we drink on a daily basis. Eight out of 10 (80%) Brits saying they would usually choose to drink something other than water.

Just 1 in 5 (22.85%) claim to love the taste of water. That's why in 2016, Robinsons is on a mission to get people enjoying drinking more water, by reminding people that with real fruit in every drop, Robinsons with no added sugar is a tasty way to stay refreshed!

Independent Dietitian, Helen Bond says "As well as feeling thirsty, the taste, colour and flavour of drinks is what often encourages us to drink more often. So, one of the easiest ways to make sure you and your family are consuming the recommended adequate intakes of water is to drink from a variety of different sources."

"Different tastes provided by drinks such as no added sugar squash, can make drinking water enjoyable for both adults and children. Our bodies are made up of about 60% water, so staying refreshed is important in helping our brain and bodies function well - whatever age you are!"

Despite the importance of staying refreshed, Robinsons/One Poll research has shown that two out three (64%) parents do not know how much water their children should be drinking each day, with 42% saying their children find the taste of water 'boring.'

Britvic Branding Marketing Director, Kirsty Hunter says "New Year often sees us giving up the stuff we like, but drinking enough water is one of the easiest ways to get the year off to a good start. Water is amazing, but sometimes we struggle to drink enough of it. That's why we've launched our 'Enjoy Drinking More Water' campaign this January."

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Brits are not staying hydrated

Brits are not staying hydrated

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