Whether you'll be staring lovingly into someone's eyes or trying to catch someone's eye across the dance floor, everyone wants beautiful eyes this Valentine's Day. The old adage says that the eyes are the window to the soul, and while this is debatable our eyes can certainly reveal a lot.

When we're feeling tired or run down our eyes are often the first to give it away, and new research from eye care specialists Scope Ophthalmics finds that having dry, tired and red eyes make nearly 40% of us feel self-conscious on a regular basis, and it even affects the dating life of almost 15% of people!

"The things that make eyes beautiful, like being bright, white and clear, are often the things that indicate healthy eyes as well," explains Sarah Farrant, Optometrist. "Our busy lifestyles and reliance on computers and our phones mean that our eyes are having to work harder than ever. Having eyes that regularly feel tired or "gritty" can be an indication of Dry Eye, dry spots on the front of the eye caused by too much screen usage and not blinking enough. Contact lenses can also be to blame! Looking after our eye health is the best way to make sure eyes sparkle this Valentine's Day."

Top tips for beautiful, sparkling eyes this Valentine's Day:

1. Buy an alarm clock:
"You look tired," is never a nice way to start the day and lack of sleep is one of the most common causes of dull eyes. New research from Scope Ophthalmics finds that over half of 16-35 years olds regularly use their phone in bed which not only contributes to dry eyes but can also stop us from getting a good night's sleep. Reverting back to alarm clocks and leaving your phone in a different room will take away the temptation and help you to avoid the stimulating blue light that smartphones give out, meaning better sleep and brighter eyes.

2. Try hydrating eye drops: Irritated looking eyes can be due to dryness which leaves eyes feeling "gritty". Mild and refreshing eye drops like Hycosan Fresh (RRP £8.99 in all good pharmacies and opticians) uses a preservative-free formulation including natural plant extract Euphrasia to reduce redness and Sodium Hyaluronate to boost moisture and hydration. Each bottle contains a guaranteed 300 equal drops and remains sterile for 6 months from opening thanks to its unique bottle design.

3. Upgrade your fries: Myth buster! Carrots, while they may not help you see in the dark, are a great source of vitamin A which helps to boost eye health and avoid dull looking peepers, but one vegetable tops them. Sweet potato has record levels of Vitamin A, so choosing to have sweet potato fries in a restaurant can be justified as a healthy choice.

4. Sunglasses aren't just for summer: Bring your shades out of hibernation because sunglasses shouldn't just be for summer. We all know about the dangers of UV for the skin, but it can also have a drying effect on our eyes. With the days getting longer it's a good idea to make sure you wear sunglasses with UV protection to protect your eyes as the damage is often underestimated.

5. Care for your contacts: Over 10% of us in the UK wear contact lenses daily and they can cause dryness and discomfort if we don't take care of them properly. Finding an eye drop like Hycosan Fresh that is contact lens compatible is key to having comfortable and hydrated eyes!

6. Rubbing your eyes is good (well kinda!): Placing a warm washcloth over closed eyes and gently massaging the upper eyelid against the brow bone for 5 to 10 seconds is not only soothing for eyes but relaxing too.

7. Take an honest #IWokeUpLikeThis selfie: Avoid smeared mascara and smudged lipstick by removing your make up before going to bed. New research reveals that 1 in 5 16-34 years olds still go to bed with make up on which can cause dry, sticky eyes, spread bacteria and make the first look in the mirror a little frightening!

8. Eye cream on ice: If you use an eye cream it's worth storing it in the fridge. During the night, fluid can collect under our eyes making them puffy and red. A cold eye cream can help restrict the blood vessels and reduce any early morning swelling.

9. Refresh your mascara: Mascara has the shortest lifespan of any make up product and should be replaced every three months. Mascara transfers bacteria back and forth between your eyes and the tube so it's important to refresh it regularly.

10. Get an eye test: Regular eye tests are key so make sure you see your local optometrist or optician for a check up every 2 years. They can check for far more than just vision changes and it's the best thing you can do to protect your eyes in the long term.

Top tips for having beautiful eyes this Valentine's Day

Top tips for having beautiful eyes this Valentine's Day

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