Hayley shares her tips for getting bikini ready

Hayley shares her tips for getting bikini ready

Strip off for summer

Do you always wear a t-shirt on the beach or by the pool?

You just don’t feel bikini-ready, right?

Follow our tips and you’ll feel hot in the sun and ready to strip off…

Do it LA-style and put on a pair of roller skates with some hot-pants or sexy leggings and feel like Daisy Duke rocking out in the suburbs.

A 150 lb person who skates for 20 minutes at a moderate intensity can burn 147 calories. In addition, website SkateLog claims that it's possible to lose 20 lb by roller-skating in just three months.

Or to feel super sexy, try ‘Make Me Fabulous’ the creation of fitness enthusiast Carly Wilford who also works with my students at Italia Conti Arts Centre. Now well known within the Pole industry, she has performed across the UK, choreographed for The Royal Shakespeare Company and appears on Pocket Pole Studio on the iPhone. Carly also teaches at The Pineapple studios.

Again at The Pineapple they offer beginner-level Bollywood class, and it is tremendous fun. Not only is it immensely enjoyable, but also pleasingly accessible on you tube with plenty of workouts to choose from.

Bollywood is basically a full-body workout. It tones your calves and thighs and is especially good for your posture. It disciplines your shoulders, your arms and your back."

Keeping fit and dancing has never been more interesting, so join the many others taking advantage of the new craze that is hitting the country.

Just Jhoom! – A leading Bollywood dance and fitness brand – has it’s own Bollywood dance-fitness DVD, a mixture of fast-paced Indian dance moves and fitness exercises, all set to Bollywood music. It is fun, energetic and a great way to keep fit, appealing to all age groups and fitness levels. Allowing you to enjoy this latest trend in exercise from the comfort of your own home.

Now all three disciplines offer a great way to tone up for summer and all offer a sexy feel good feeling that will soon have you stripping off for summer...

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