Stay positive and you'll achieve your goals

Stay positive and you'll achieve your goals

A recent survey has found that 9 out of ten women battle body confidence when it comes to exercising outdoors.

Low self-esteem can lead to many taking extreme measures, such as exercising in the dark to minimise embarrassment or avoiding all types of exercise itself.

Many women feel uncomfortable exercising in front of other women, the humiliation of getting red in the face or the shame of seeing their flab wobble in public, was a major deterrent for 60 per cent quizzed. Inhibitions and low body-confidence creates significant barriers to exercising regularly, especially if you are feeling low.

Sexy in the City Bootcamps co-creator and personal trainer, Phil Hawksworth, discusses how working with other women through exercise actually helps to build up body confidence, creating a positive body image.

Positive Body Image Points

  1. We have worked with hundreds of females wanting to get in shape, by working out in a group environment everyone can be sure that they are in fact not “all looking at me” – but you are surrounded by fun, sociable, like minded people who are in the same boat as you, working towards the same goals as you.
  2. When you stop trying to use exercise as a driver to conform to the media’s ‘ideal’ size 0 figure and work out for the love of doing so you will start to reap the benefits of exercise; more energy, better mood, improved health and you know what, you will end up looking great too!
  3. Sometimes certain people make negative comments about you for wanting to get in shape. It is because they are jealous that you have the confidence and motivation to become the best that you can be, they are jealous that you look better in your skinny jeans too!
  4. Many of the happiest, most positive and successful women I know are heavily in to their fitness regimes.  This is not a coincidence! It is a perpetual cycle of positivity that will impact your live in ways you probably could not imagine beforehand.

Bootcamp fitness classes enable women to build a sense of community, in each class members are encouraged to work with a different partner creating an environment where women feel comfortable and able to motivate each other as each is working toward a similar goal.

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