To help ease and reduce the troublesome symptoms experienced from hay fever and other allergies such as dust, Piri has launched PiriNatural.

PiriNatural allergy treatment

PiriNatural allergy treatment

 PiriNatural is a 100% natural saline spray that helps clean, wash and moisturise nasal passages[1]. This aims to reduce nasal congestion[2], helping to lift the haze of allergies to help you enjoy life that little bit more.

The new spray is suitable for daily use for all members of the family over two years old[3] and is ideal for those looking for a preservative free, gentle and easy to use product[4]. Whilst it can reduce the need for other hay fever treatment options, PiriNatural can also be used in combination with other allergy medication.

New PiriNatural is available from £8.69 RRP*

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