If you like the idea of a healthy alternative to a drunken Saturday night out on the town (no heels, no hangovers!) then this dance fitness workout is perfect for you!

Clubbercise for those who love clubbing and exercise!

Clubbercise for those who love clubbing and exercise!

If joining a class isn't your thing then this at-home workout will help you work up a sweat while dancing to your favourite club anthems. The simple moves are a fusion of old skool aerobics and club/street dance.

You'll be having so much fun you won't realise that you're actually working out!

What you need:

1) A pair of glow sticks or something neon and flashy that you can swing around

2) Suitable trainers with a good cushioned sole for the high impact moves

3) Your favourite club anthems playing as loud as you can get away with! Here are some tracks from the official Clubbercise playlist to help inspire you and get you in the party mood:

Warm up

Snap - Rhythm is a dancer

Eric Prydz - Call on me

Main workout

N-Trance - Set u free

David Guetta - Play hard or Titanium

Prodigy - No good

Guru Josh Project - Infinity

LMFAO - Party Rock Antham

Cool down

Soul II Soul - Back to life

4) A darkened room… Disco lights are optional!



Start with alternate lunges on the left and right side. Spin the glow sticks around and around really fast in front of you. Imagine that you're back at Ministry of Sound or partying in Ibiza.


Start with low impact alternate knee lifts and then add a bicep curl with the opposite arm. When you're warmed up change to high impact by adding a jump, and double time the arms.


This is a great move for whenever there's a breakdown section in a track, for example at the start of N-Trance, Set u Free. Get into a strong squat position and then twist the wrists to trace a swirling pattern with the glow sticks.


This is basically a jumping jack with glow sticks to make it more fun! You can add a bit of variety with the arm movements by alternating them high and low.


Jump on the spot and pump the arms in the air. Bring your own style to this move.


March on the spot for a few minutes to bring the heart rate down then bend the knees and slowly rise while sweeping the arms up and taking deep breaths in and out. Use the music to guide you, and feel free to add extra swirls and arm lines.