As many begin a New Year diet, Whitworths reveals that the nation would spend a staggering £23 billion, that's an average of £452 per person, if it meant they could drop a stone in weight instantly. Whilst intentions to stick to healthy regimes may seem strong in early January, 85% admit their willpower will wobble considerably before the end of the month, with the final week seeing more than one in five (22%) drop off their diets altogether.

With that in mind, it may seem unsurprising that the nation would be willing to go to a series of great lengths to achieve their weight loss goals in 2016. As well as paying for weight loss, the research by Whitworths, the UK's leading supplier of dried fruits, nuts and seeds, reveals that more than one in five (22%) would give up alcohol for a whole year, one in 10 (10%) would give up sex and one in 20 (5%) would even cut ties with their own mother for 12 months in a bid to drop a few pounds.

While we may now live in an age of social media, a further three out of four Brits (74%) would quit their most-loved online channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the rest of the year if it would help guarantee weight loss. Almost one in ten (8%) Brits cite the reason for starting their diets as 'I saw a horrible photo of myself on social media', while other reasons include wanting to feel healthy (69%), thinking about losing weight for summer holidays (21%) and to compete with friends who are losing weight (5%).

Commissioned by Whitworths in support of their brand new 'Willpower Workout' classes, the findings also revealed which factors affect our willpower as we try to remain dedicated to our diets.

Partners are cited as the worst influence by one third (33%) of Brits followed by friends and family, each identified by over a quarter (26%) of those questioned. Work colleagues influence 14% of us, while children affect almost an eighth (12%).

Boredom is highlighted as the biggest reason to break a diet by more than one third (36%), with the weather putting off almost one in five (19%) and stress at work and lack of sleep identified by 17% and 9% respectively. Arguments with loved ones are cited as a cause to break a diet by more than one in eight (12%). Saturday night has been identified as the toughest time to stick to the diet by more than half (56%) of Brits.

Launching on Friday 22nd January, Whitworths' Willpower Workout has been created in association with Whitworths' low calorie Shots snacks, and is designed to boost the nation's willpower before it completely crumbles, in the same way that Shots are a tasty and guilt-free snack that keep cravings at bay, keeping willpower going strong.

Classes are launching in London this month, with experts including sleep expert Lisa Artemis from the Sleep Council, Nutritionist Sian Porter and hypnotherapist Darren Marks on hand to demonstrate to class-goers how they can change various elements of their lifestyle to boost their willpower and stay on track to have a healthy and happy 2016.

Members of the public looking to boost their willpower can register their interest for the launch class in Chalk Farm by emailing [email protected] with the subject 'Whitworths Willpower Workout request' and confirming their name, contact number, contact email address and postal address. Successful applicants will be contacted a week before the class.

Karen Cox, Brand Controller at Whitworths commented "As we kick-off 2016, it's clear that as a nation weight loss is very much front of mind with many of us prepared to go to staggering lengths to achieve our goals. However, much of what we say we'd be willing to do for an instant weight-loss fix is unrealistic and even unhealthy."

"As a brand that promotes healthy snacking, we believe that working on maintaining willpower is the key to succeeding in losing weight. Our 'Willpower Workout', which launches this month, is a little different to classes you'll find in your local gym - featuring experts in the fields of hypnotherapy and sleep therapy as well as fitness and nutrition. However we believe it'll help arm the nation with ways in which to increase their willpower to ultimately achieve their weight-loss goals."

"Our research has shown that over one in four (26%) of Brits believe their willpower also struggles due to lack of tasty low calorie snacks and we're pleased to say our Shots range delivers great tasting and healthier snacks all at under 100 calories. We're hoping that our snacks - combined with our great new workout - will help support the nation's weight-loss wishes."

How much money would you spend to lose weight?

How much money would you spend to lose weight?

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