Health on Female First

Health on Female First

With clinically proven ingredients for maximum whitening results, Colgate® is excited to introduce the innovative new Colgate® Max White Toothbrush plus Whitening Pen™ - the first ever compact toothbrush and whitening pen in the UK with professional whitening ingredient hydrogen peroxide to revolutionise your daily beauty routine in just three easy steps so you can simply brush, whiten, and go!

How to use it?

1. For that irresistibly whiter smile and to maintain great oral health, just brush with your favourite Colgate toothpaste, or Colgate Expert White. The specially designed stain removers and polishing bristles on the toothbrush will work hard to help remove surface stains.

2. Next, twist and pull the pen out from the bottom of the brush and apply the whitening pen one tooth at a time. The specially formulated whitening gel, which contains hydrogen peroxide, the ingredient used by dentists, starts working immediately to whiten teeth by up to three shades.

3. Finally, simply twist the pen back into the toothbrush for easy storage, pop back on the shelf and go. No need to rinse, no need to wait, you'll start seeing model worthy sparkling white teeth every time you smile.

How does it work?

Together with the toothbrush's professionally designed polishing bristles, the Colgate® Max White Toothbrush plus Whitening Pen™ includes a 0.1% hydrogen peroxide gel, the active ingredient used by dentists. This unique ingredient reacts with surface (extrinsic) stains as well as significantly whitensteeth deep below the enamel (intrinsic stains) to remove colour and reverse years of yellowing, for noticeable whitening results.

This incredible and unique gel makesthis pen unlike any other whitening pens out there. It has incredible water repellent properties (hydrophobic) so it sticks to teeth allowing a slow release of its active ingredient, peroxide, so it keeps working both above and below the tooth's surface all day to give you a whiter brighter smile. No waiting and no rinsing! Feel like a supermodel with your camera ready smile!

Whilst a confident smile is important for everyone, it's especially so for models - and that's why Colgate® is delighted to be partnering with Britain's Next Top Model to launch this secret whitening weapon. The much loved beauty and fashion program celebrates its re-launch this year with the appointment of supermodel Abbey Clancey as judge, model hopefuls will be perfecting their white smiles during a very special Colgate challenge, set to air in February 2016 - there's no better way to celebrate the unique beauty credentials of the new Colgate® Max White Toothbrush plus Whitening Pen™.

New Colgate® Max White Toothbrush plus Whitening Pen™ is professionally designed to give users a simple and effective premium tooth whitening experience to help them feel reassured in their confident smile every day.

Available now in selected retailers.

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