Christmas shopping definitely pushes your body to the limit

Christmas shopping definitely pushes your body to the limit

Shoppers can exercise their shopping muscles in time for this year’s festivities with the UK’s first-ever ‘Christmas shopper’s workout’.

The retail-routine has been created by easyGym, the fast-growing new premium-budget gym from easyJet founder Stelios, to get their members fighting fit ahead of the hectic Christmas period and in anticipation of the January sales.

A typical shopping excursion gradually works your muscles in synergy to create an all-over body work-out that shoppers don’t even realise is happening.

The Christmas shopper’s workout exercises all the key muscle groups – enabling shoppers to build up their shopping muscles and carry any type of bag; small, big, heavy or light – with optimum efficiency, so they can shop longer before they drop during the festive period.

The gym floor at easyGym Oxford Street is so big and has so much exercise equipment, it’s capable of burning half a million calories an hour.

Paul Lorimer-Wing, CEO of easyGym, says: “easyGym Oxford Street offers fantastic facilities at a fraction of the price of the big boys.  We hope our Christmas shopper’s work out will give shoppers a leg up too”.


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