As a direct response to thousands of user requests and comments from Clue's 2 million active users in 180 countries, Clue chooses to update the app with new features.

Each additional tracking category is supported by scientific research that illustrates a definitive link between the category and the menstrual cycle. Clue has also updated its algorithm to be 10% more accurate, thus reducing the error margin for the prediction of the next period by one day.

Some of the new categories include, type of food cravings, digestion issues, exercise, mental state and energy levels. Clue has also added categories for tracking types of illness and medication taken. Wider ranges of birth control methods have been included, now spanning the pill, the patch, IUD, cervical ring and the injection.

Additionally, users can now log results of ovulation and pregnancy tests via the app and track their weight. Widening the net of 'traditional' tracking categories, Clue's new 'appointments' category gives users have the option to log medical visits, as well as note when they have been on vacation or on a date.

Similarly, the 'party' category allows users to log alcohol and cigarette consumption, make note of when they have had a 'big night' and flag when they have woken-up with a hangover.

Clue co-founder and CEO Ida Tin commented "We are excited and proud to be able to offer Clue users increased accuracy and to have had the opportunity to listen to feedback and respond to requests for more in-depth and wider-ranging tracking categories."

"By adding the option to track everything from exercise and weight, to overall wellbeing, including mental state, illness and digestion, we hope to empower women to feel even more in control of their cycle and to help users curate an increasingly indepth and detailed medical record."

The announcement follows Clue's integration with Apple HealthKit via the iOS 9 operating system. As of now, Clue users will have the option to push the following data to Apple's Health app: basal body temperature, cervical mucus quality, menstruation, ovulation test results, sexual activity, spotting and weight.

The full list of tracking categories are as follows:

The popular app Clue has brand new features

The popular app Clue has brand new features

  • Bleeding - light, medium, heavy, spotting.
  • Collection Method - tampon, pad, maxi-pad, panty liner.
  • Craving - sweet, salty, carbs, chocolate.
  • Digestion - great, bloated, nauseated, gassy.
  • Fluid - egg-white, stick, creamy, atypical.
  • Hair - good, bad, oily, dry.
  • Pain - cramps, headache, ovulation, tender breasts.
  • Skin - good, oily, dry, acne.
  • Stool - great, normal, constipated, diarrhea.
  • Temperature.
  • Weight.
  • Emotions - Happy, sensitive, sad, PMS.
  • Energy - energized, high, low, exhausted.
  • Mental - focused, distracted, calm, stressed.
  • Motivation - motivated, unmotivated, productive, unproductive.
  • Sleep - 0-3 hours, 3-6 hours, 6-9 hours, 9+ hours.
  • Social - conflict, supportive, sociable, withdrawn.
  • Appointment - ob/gyn, vacation, doctor, date.
  • Exercise - running, yoga, biking, swimming.
  • Meditation - minute timer.
  • Party - drinks, cigarettes, hangover, big night.
  • Sex - Unprotected, protected, high sex drive, withdrawal.
  • Ailment - fever, cold/flu, allergy, injury.
  • IUD - thread checked, inserted, removed.
  • Injection - administered.
  • Medication - pain, cold/flu, antibiotic, antihistamine.
  • Patch - removed, replaced, removed late, replaced late.
  • Pill - taken, late, missed, double.
  • Ring - removed, replaced, removed late, replaced late.
  • Tests - ovulation test positive, ovulation test negative, pregnancy test positive, pregnancy test negative.
  • Tags.

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