Daisy Lowe is encouraging women to get fit and healthy

Daisy Lowe is encouraging women to get fit and healthy

Daisy Lowe this week launched a new campaign in the Sunday Times Style mag urging women it's important to be 'Fit not Thin'. 

And this is definitely something that needs more attention brought to it. 

Daisy says: "It isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling good, too. I’d rather be fit than thin. I can dance for longer. I feel stronger, healthier, brighter and less stressed. I’m the most balanced I’ve ever been.”

Sarah Lindsay is a top Personal Trainer, owner of Embody Fitness (www.embodyfitness.co.uk), and is also an ex-Olympic Speed Skater. She agrees that the Fit not Thin revolution is an excellent and long-overdue approach for women...

"The message that FIT is the new THIN is brilliant, I applaud Daisy Lowe not bowing to pressure to be model skinny. It's extremely encouraging given the size zero look that has plagued the media over the past decade.

"As a personal trainer, I've noticed a big influence from the 2012 Olympics. Team GB enjoyed massive success and seing the media celebrating incredible female athletes like Jessica Ennis as positive role models for women was a refreshing change. More of my female clients were coming to me wanting to tone up, build muscle, and change their bodies into a more athletic shape, whereas before their main intention was just "to lose weight" - which I have always found a little bit depressing!

"You can also see this in the Victoria's Secret models. They are the 'sexy' models but still high fashion and not page 3, nor the ill looking catwalk types. Although they are very slight they still look like they work out and are lean and essentially 'fit' looking rather than thin.

"Women are starting to realise that especially after a certain age, a flat stomach is impossible without being lean. It's impossible to have visible abdominal muscles or that natural tight stomach you had when you were 20, if you are starving yourself and have no other muscle on the body.

"Anyone can starve themselves and be skinny, but it is so dangerous and just not a good look. It's much more impressive to have toned, sculpted arms as not many women do because it's hard work to look this good. I get positive comments from other women all the time just because they know it takes hard work to have it! 

“Everyone is looking for the new miracle exercise and easy route to get the perfect body, but what people need to realise that quick-fixes and fads just don’t work. It's not just dedication to your nutrition and your diet, but dedication to exercise and time spent in the gym. It shows you are looking after yourself, and treat yourself well. And it doesn't just show in your muscle tone - women who work out regularly always have a healthy glow them their skin glows and their eyes shine, whereas those who starve themselves  always seem to look miserable."

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