Lose weight the easy way with delivery plans

Lose weight the easy way with delivery plans

We all know that January is about weight loss and a health kick, but where to start? With so many different plans to follow it;s difficult to not feel overwhelmed by it all.

Plans, shopping lists and food diaries are always a good place to start - plan your meals for the week ahead, get the shopping list written and bought and then keep track of everything you eat - you can really see how much food you consume and what needs changing and what doesn't.

But for those who still need a helping hand, there are diet delivery systems in place to help - and we couldn't be more thankful for them.

Of course there are the likes of Diet Chef and Saints & Slimmers which is pre-packaged food that you can usually buy in a month’s supply, but we really champion the fresh stuff. The food plans you eat and feel better with.

Balance Box is one of these delivery systems. Bought in three-day bulks the food is delivered all wrapped individually and labelled accordingly so you know what you're eating and when you're eating it.

It's fresh produce that will leave you feeling better in a health sense and will certainly leave you with more energy and stamina to get through the day.

After three days I had lost three pounds, and more importantly it made me consider the foods that I was consuming and most definitely made me try new things I hadn't considered before - like quinoa who knew you could use it in so many ways and flavour it in so many ways - all without the bloated feeling that comes with rice or pasta.

This January they’ve introduced 60 new recipes for the new Sensational Slim programme, certain to get you back on track this January. As well as all of the essentials vitamins and nutrients there is also a wheat-free option, ideal for those who want to beat the sluggish feeling that comes with the territory of this month.

Some new recipes include the spiced apple bircher muesli, smoked salmon ceviche salad and chickpea and vegetable korma. There are two plans to choose from, the Market Menu which is 1,200 calories and the Super Market Menu which is 1,800 calories. With this you get breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with two additional snacks. It’s an easy and simple way to kickstart your weight loss this January and will definitely encourage you to think about other foods than salads and vegetables when you’re trying to lose weight. Find out more information and order your diet plan today at www.balancebox.com

Another fresh delivery diet plan is Body Chef - which you order on a week-to-week basis and it's delivered in two stages. The great thing about Bodychef is you can follow a diet to suit your needs, so if you want to try the 5:2, Dukan or Flat Belly then you can and it’s all packed up and delivered straight to your door.

With a choice of 12 tailored eating plans that use healthy fresh foods, there are no obstacles standing in your way of losing weight.

Like Balance Box, the meals come clearly labelled so you know exactly what you’re eating and when, and the sides are packaged separately so you have an idea of portion sides for when you continue with the diet plan.

The Bodychef plans are completely bespoke, perfectly calorie controlled and nutritionally balanced to suit all tastes, needs and objectives of an individual. Plans start from £17.98 a day, and for some this may not be able they can sustain for a long time, but even just a week of this diet can introduce you to new foods and give you an idea of the sort of things you can eat and the portion sizes you should be aiming for – something I know I’ve struggled with in the past. Doing this diet for a week saw me lose 6 pounds and since then I’ve lost more. It helped me consider the different foods I was eating and gave me plenty of ideas of recipes to try.

The Bodychef website allows the customer to easily choose bespoke meal plans based on your individual choices, rather than just calorie-counted fixed menus, so if you’re a fussy eater this is definitely the plan for you. Find out more information at www.bodychef.com. 

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