The full line up for Glastonbury 2015 has been announced and that can only mean one thing... Festival season is officially upon us!

What do you need this festival season??

What do you need this festival season??

It's no surprise that festivals can be muddy, sweaty, smelly places, so make sure you're prepared and stay as fresh as can be with some top tips from our experts on how to stay fresh and savvy this festival season.

When lunchtime comes and your mouth is feeling a little dry, another drinks round is not going to help your breath. Alcohol actually causes dry mouth which can lead to bad breath! With your toothpaste back in the tent you may worry that the only way to speak to your friends is by getting in close and shouting over the music and you don't want them pulling away due to your bad breath. Don't fret, carry a few individually wrapped mouth wetting lozenges from The Breath Co (£8.99 from Boots) in your bag to keep breath sweet-smelling throughout the day .

Dr Katz, founder of the Breath Company oral care range said; "Sucking on something will naturally make your mouth produce saliva, instantly refreshing the mouth and helping with dry mouth. Popping one of the dry mouth lozenges from The Breath Company is best as they are sugar free (so kind to teeth), and are scientifically formulated to last up to 12 hours!"

Keeping clean and smelling great at a festival can be a tough job, washing facilities are almost nonexistent and camping for days can leave you feeling grimy and less than fresh. In this situation, ladies sometimes turn to freshen up with unsuitable wipes on their intimate area. The SASS Intimate Refreshing Mist (£8.00 from Boots) is here to save the party!

Mark Curry, founder of SASS said: "Let's face is feeling fresh down there can become a challenge while camping out at a festival and as the intimate area naturally builds up odour. The SASS Intimate Refreshing mist has been gynaecologically and dermatologically tested, so is safe for internal use. This is the perfect little spritz to that is quick and easy to use that will not upset the natural pH balance. Meaning less time in a hot tent worrying about how fresh you are, and more time at the party"

Guessing the weather at any festival can be tricky, so it is always best to be prepared come rain or shine. The herpatch prevention stick (£4.99 from Boots) is a highly moisturising balm with a high SPF of 30. It is also highly effective at preventing cold sore break outs for those that suffer with the virus and will protect the lips and mouth from the sun, wind and the cold. So whatever the weather, your lips will always be looking healthy and luscious.

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