Let's get fit!

Let's get fit!

The weather in England is typically wet, dull and cold, so most of us tend to spend  our days and nights wrapped up with as much clothing as possible, and prefer to be at home indulging in anything that is classed as ‘bad’ for our diets, instead of slaving away in the gym and pursuing a healthy diet regime. When we do get a spot of sunshine, we freeze at the thought of baring our skin that we have neglected over the winter months, and we enter panic mood at the thought of getting fit- fast!

‘Slimmer Summer’ study, by VoucherCodes.co.uk found that the average person will spend £85.67 on new fitness gear to help them get the perfect beach body. Walking around in a bikini in Britain isn’t something to worry about as the chances to do that are rare. The study did reveal that 40% of us Brits are more likely to worry about getting into shape when we have booked a holiday.

Although it seems that we like to make an effort and look after our bodies in time for our summer holiday, our beach body regime only lasts four weeks, the study shows. The top ten most popular reasons to get beach body buff according to VoucherCodes website, was going to a swimming pool or public park which saw 17% of people admitting this is what encourages them to get fit. 15% said that shops stocking beachwear urged them to look after their bodies a little more.

Looking for a summer romance entered the top ten list of reasons why people wanted to get fit, along with weddings, with the summer period being a popular time to get married, 9% felt that they needed to look in the best shape possible at these events as well as 8% getting fit for the festival season.

Duncan Jennings, co-founder of VoucherCodes website says that Brits are more likely to put their hands in their pockets with the summer months fast approaching: “stepping out in beachwear for the first time of the year can be pretty daunting, especially after the long winter we’ve all had, so it’s no wonder Brits are forking out on health and fitness gear as thoughts turn to summer.”

Over two fifths of people who took the ‘Slimmer Summer’ study found that Brits plan to get beach body ready by eating more healthily. It seems that we may be feeling a little more adventurous as over a fifth of us said that we would take up a new sport to shift the pre-holiday flab.

One in seven hope to buy a fitness DVD to help shift the pounds, one in 8 report that they’re going to download a fitness app to help them get trim for the summer. One in nine will even admit to cutting out the booze.

Jennings also added that keeping fit doesn’t have to break the bank as gyms offer discounts as well as providing trail runs, “lots of gyms will offer day-passes or week long trials, while health and fitness companies recognise that achieving the perfect beach-body is a priority, so people should keep an eye on sites like VoucherCodes to see where they can save pounds on losing lbs.”





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