How long have you had your workout gear?

How long have you had your workout gear?

If there's one way to motivate yourself with fitness and exercise, it's to buy a new wardrobe for your workout. Yet, women are wearing their sportswear longer than recommended.  

New research from Tribesports reveals that women in the UK are on average wearing their performance sportswear for up to three times longer than recommended.

Men are no better, and particularly those living in the north-east being among the worst culprits, holding on to sports underwear for an average of 4 years (!), and also running leggings for just over three years. 

The humble yet mighty sports bra is one of the worst offenders. Research shows that, on average, women hold onto their sports bras for 18.7months. With women in the UK averaging 3 workouts per week and wearing a sports bra for each of those workouts, over the course of the 18.7 months that totals-out at anywhere up to 260 wears (and washes). 

Technical sportswear should continue to perform at its best for anywhere between 20 and 50 washes depending on the quality and the technical spec and level of the product. “If you are unsure of the specifics product-by-product, a good rule of thumb is 30-40 washes before it needs replacing,” says Jenna Anians, president and co-founder of Tribesports.

The main reasons that people hold on to sportswear items is because they feel they are still perfectly useable and comfortable, however whilst they may be comfy, wearing your performance wear way beyond its recommended lifespan is a big no-no.

“Stinky kit, chafing nipples, boobs bouncing around without proper support, feeling overly hot and sweaty… who wants that?!” jokes Anians.

“The ‘performance’ in performance sportswear has a limited lifespan, whatever the brand. The more it’s worn, the more the elasticity and support of the garment is taxed.  The technical fabrics will wear with every use and every wash. Stretch fabrics will lose their stretch, causing chafing and rubbing, elasticity will diminish and support will reduce,” she continues.

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