Get fit with table tennis today

Get fit with table tennis today

When you decide you want to get fitter, table tennis isn’t often the sport that comes to mind. Most people have probably never played the sport, yet table tennis is a great way to get some exercise into your routine. It’s loads of fun for all ages, and here are the reasons why you should give it a go today.

Cheaper option

On the financial side of things, booking a slot to play table tennis at your local sports centre is often considerably cheaper than other sports such as badminton or tennis.

Costing just a few pounds for an hour, table tennis is a lot easier on the budget, especially if the cost is split between a group of you.


Being a noncontact sport, you won’t have to worry about any potential knocks or injuries – except getting hit by the occasional ping pong ball! You can play at your own level and at your own pace which means that you’ll never feel out of your depth.

Health benefits

Aside from the obvious reason that exercise is good for you, table tennis also gives your cardiovascular system a good workout. The aerobic qualities of the sport are beneficial at any age.

Not only that but when played at a competitive level, table tennis is good for the brain too. The speed of the game often necessitates quick reactions which can improve your memory.

Fun for the kids

Table tennis is also a great family option. Why not take your kids along and introduce them to the sport? Not only will they enjoy chasing the ping pong ball around but it’s a fantastic way to release pent-up energy on a rainy day too.

Exercise is essential for kids too, so table tennis will ensure that it becomes a fun part of their routine.

Easy way to get started

If you’re new to regular forms of exercise, table tennis is a brilliant beginners sport for easy to moderate exercise.

The rules are simple to understand and it doesn’t take much practice to start up a decent rally. Once you’ve had a few gos, you’ll soon get better and better.

Table tennis is also a very sociable sport. If going to the gym is something like your worst nightmare (I know it is for me!), then taking a friend to play table tennis could just be the thing for you.

You’ll have the opportunity to chat and to challenge each other when it comes to the sport which can be a great motivation.

What other reason do you need to get down to your local sports centre and get started today? You’ll soon see that table tennis is one of the best sports around.


by Julia Molloy

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