A West-Yorkshire man has lost a total of 11 stone in weight after undergoing weight loss surgery.

Matthew Astley before and after

Matthew Astley before and after

After considering weight loss surgery for almost five years, Matthew Astley, 24, realised that a gastric sleeve was the best option after “trying everything else”.

Now just three stones away from his total weight loss goal, Matthew says:  “My work life is now a lot easier, my lifestyle has changed drastically and I am now able to partake in football training, which was my ultimate aim”.

The procedure removes approximately 75 per cent of the stomach, resulting in a newer, smaller stomach about the size of a banana. This makes patients feel fuller for longer and greatly reduces the feeling of hunger.

We caught up with Matthew to ask him about how it’s affected him.

When did you know that weight loss surgery was the right option for you?

I realised it was for me when I saw a glimpse of myself in the mirror at my biggest after trying everything else.

What milestones/ thoughts lead you to considering weight loss surgery?

After realising that dieting alone wasn’t helping me lose the weight.

Why was the gastric sleeve the most appropriate option for you?

The consultant said that the bypass would be too drastic and the band wouldn’t be sufficient. So from there, I chose this option.

Did it take a long time to come to the decision to have weight loss surgery? If so, how long?

I’d been considering it for a while but it took me 5 years to make up my mind.

How much weight have you lost since having the surgery? And how much do you expect to lose in total?

As of the 7th February 2017 I have lost a total of 11 stone. But in total I want to lose around 14 stone.

How has your quality of life changed since having the surgery? (In terms work, and relationships with family friends and others.)

My work life has increased, it’s made it a lot easier to find work and my personal relationships haven't really changed.

Have your plans for the future changed since having surgery? If so, how?

My future plans have changed drastically, I’m able to play football again and go places and do things I was unable to do this time last year.

What more are you able to do since having the surgery?

A lot more walking and sports. My fitness levels have increased significantly.

What were you like before the procedure?

Lethargic, I had no energy and I was constantly short of breath.

How long was your recovery period?

My recovery period was a little under 2 months.

What would you say to someone debating if this is for them?

My advice is that if you’re really serious about losing the weight and you’ve tried almost everything you can, then go for it. It’s changed my life for the better. I’m 100% positive it’ll do the same for you.

What was your exercise regime like before and after the gastric sleeve?

My exercise was almost non-existent before the surgery, but now I’m able to partake in sport and walking.

What has been the biggest thing you have achieved post-surgery and would you say that the gastric sleeve has enabled you to do this?

Able to partake in football was my ultimate goal. I’m not back on the football pitch yet, but I’m able to participate in training. Thanks to Ramsay Health Care UK Yorkshire Clinic and the gastric sleeve, I have achieved my goal.

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