Pippa Middleton shows off her svelte figure

Pippa Middleton shows off her svelte figure

Pippa Middleton is known for her fantastic body thanks to her training regime and love of multisport events such as the Highland Cross Challenge duathlon and Blenhiem Triathlon.  

While we might not all have her connections, anyone can achieve Pippa’s feminine, yet athletic curves and training for an event like the London Duathlon (www.londonduathlon.com) is a great way to make it happen.

London Duathlon is the world’s largest duathlon.  A duathlon is made up of three sets of activity, but across two disciplines – running and cycling (run-bike-run). The first set consists of running, followed by cycling, and then back to running. London Duathlon takes place on Sunday 15 September in Richmond Park and offers athletes of all abilities the chance to race while on closed roads.

London Duathlon training partner, RG Active (www.rgactive.com) is responsible for training hundreds of competitors new to multisports every year. Head Coach, Dermott Hayes comments: “Getting a body like Pippa is down to hard work, but if your goal is to train for and take part in an event like London Duathlon, then you will be doing exactly the kind of exercises that help achieve her enviable figure.

“The majority of training for an event that includes running and cycling will be taken up with cardio-vascular exercises that help to improve your metabolism, increase your energy levels and importantly they help to control your weight and in some cases to lose weight. Both running and cycling are excellent ways to highlight muscle groups of the lower body and in particular the bottom and the thighs, so if you are after Pippa’s bum, then duathlon is exactly the sport for you!

“As well as making sure you cover the distance by doing your running and cycling sessions you must think about work in the gym or at home as well. In order to get the kind of body that Pippa has, here are some exercises that you must include in your routine, begin with 1 x 12-15 reps of each exercise to begin with and gradually build to a point of completing 3 x 12-15 reps.”


Stand upright with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, look straight ahead, lower your bottom down towards the floor aiming to get a 90 degree angle in the knees. Then stand back upright again. Hold your abs/core tight throughout.


Stand upright with feet shoulder width apart, stride forwards with one leg, plant the foot firmly on ground, allowing that leg to bend and aim to get your rear knee 3-6” from the floor. Look straight ahead and hold your abs/core tight throughout. Return to starting position by pushing off the front foot.


Have a platform approximately knee height in front of you, a bench or chair is perfect. Stand up onto the platform using one leg and use your strength to push up and get both feet onto the platform. Stand tall. Then return to the floor one leg at a time. Alternate legs.

Straight Leg Glute Raises

Lay on a flat surface facing the floor. One leg at a time raise your leg towards the sky until you get to a point where you cannot go any further. Return leg to starting position. Alternate legs.


Lay on a flat surface facing the floor, then push your bodyweight up away from the floor, keeping your weight suspended by your forearms and feet. You can also do this on your side.

Tricep Extensions

Either sit or stand tall, looking straight ahead. Have a weight in one hand and raise that hand straight towards the sky with your arm straight to begin the exercise, then bend the elbow to bring the weight down towards your body and extend back to the starting position. Complete one full set before swapping arms.

Shoulder Press

Sit or stand tall. You will need a weight in each hand for this one. Begin with the weights just in front of your shoulders, then straighten your arms to the sky until your arms are extended. Keep looking straight ahead. Then return weights to starting position.

Press Ups

Lay on a flat surface facing the floor. The press ups can either be done on your knees or your feet. Start by extending your arms to push as far away from the floor as possible, then bend your elbows to lower your body down to the floor, stopping when your elbows reach 90 degrees. Push back to the starting position.

Athletes can take on an extra challenge by raising funds for London Duathlon’s charity partner Macmillan Cancer Support; as part of Team Macmillan.  Every Team Macmillan member will receive a duathlon specific training guide and fundraising pack, Macmillan t-shirt, a Macmillan tri-belt, refreshments and a 15% discount voucher for Cycle Surgery. Most importantly a support squad on the day cheering racers over the finish line.

To enter London Duathlon or for further information regarding the event please visit http://www.londonduathlon.com

Join other #duathlon participants and follow London Duathlon on Facebook and Twitter http://www.facebook.com/londonduathlon or @londonduathlon 

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