Get your legs in shape with swimming exercises

Get your legs in shape with swimming exercises

Who doesn't want slim, toned legs that we see on the red carpet on a daily basis?

Celebrites are forever parading their slim limbs in front of us, and now we join in to. 

Former Olympic swimmer and Speedo Swim Fitness Advisor Karen Pickering offers a simple guide on how to use swimming training to get ‘celebrity fit’ legs. 

Follow the steps below for the exercises to get your legs into shape.

1. Use a Kickboard whilst swimming on your front or back to isolate your legs for a lower body work out. This is great for toning up legs, bums and tums

2.  Use Biofuse Training Fins to add resistance in the water. Fins help you kick faster which is great for motivating your workout and taking away movement in the arms makes the workout harder for your legs

3. Use a Pullbuoy to isolate the upper body and restrict movements in the legs

4. Use an Aqua Belt when swimming or aqua jogging to increase overall stamina, muscle strength and tone 

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