The current trend for Green Smoothies may be great for your health, but could be dulling your smile.

Health on Female First

Health on Female First

People need to realise that quite simply put, if a food or drink would stain a white top, it can stain your teeth.

The colour in foods comes from chromogens, highly pigmented molecules which easily adhere to tooth enamel.  The staining action is increased if food high in chromogens are combined with tannins, found in citrus foods and legumes as well as tea and coffee, as tannins boost chromogens’ ability to stick to the enamel.

However, you don’t have to sacrifice your morning green boost to keep your teeth gleaming. 

Tooth tips:

• To further prevent staining, drink your smoothie through a straw, minimising contact with teeth.

• Don’t mix chromogens and tannins, so omit citrus fruit from your smoothie mix

• Brush three times daily with Pearl Drops Restore White 4D to remove stains, then twice daily to prevent reoccurrence.

In consumer trials 79% of people said Pearl Drops Restore White 4D toothpolish gently removed stains, and 81% of people said new Pearl Drops 4D Whitening System, containing natural pearl powder, helped make their teeth visibly whiter and improved the shine and lustre of their teeth, feeling like they’d had a professional treatment. 

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