Hayley Newton

Hayley Newton

Let's look at celebrities shall we. To become someone famous in a spotlight, you can't be embarrassed to pull the attention on to you. You have to be proud of what you do and who you are, or else it would be pretty tough to expose yourself in front of audiences out there.

The truth is, if a celebrity wants to look fantastic in front of the lens, then they're going to have to leave the diva at the door and get down to some hard work. Let's look at Sandra Bullock & Anne Hathaway. They have been using a secret weapon for a while now.

Non other than one of my best friends Simone De La Rue. She trains gorgeous women in New York her method, Body By Simone. She has created a unique boutique environment to make her clients feel comfortable and at ease. If you are ever in New York please check this studio out. It is hip, new and will keep you on your toes.

Here is a tip for one of Sandra's exercises:

Kickbacks - Begin on all fours, shoulders over your hands and hips over your knees. Engage your abs pulling the belly button in towards the spine. Bring your knee towards your chest and then push it out straight behind you.

Don't take it to quickly. An even tempo of about 40 reps on each side will really make you feel the burn.

Let's move on to another celebrity. How about J.Lo. Jennifer Lopez has beautiful abs. For someone not in her 20's who has had twins, she is doing an awesome job of keeping her tummy flat and yummy.

Here is a tip for one of J,Lo's exercises:

Lean, Tuck & Kick Combo - Stand a little away from the back of a chair with both your hands rested on it whilst you're on demi point. Lift your right knee up towards your chest and extend out fully to the back straight whilst touching your left hand to the floor. Repeat until you feel the burn.

An ex fellow Italia Conti student Julianne Hough has always had a great work ethic, even as a small child. Her workouts have always stemmed from her Latin and Ballroom training, however, here are 2 exercises which you don't have to be in a dance class or have a partner to achieve!

Julianne's tips:

Standing Abs - Place your feet a little wider than hip width apart. Lean over to your right side lifting your left hand to your rib cage and you right hand moving further down your right leg straight.Repeat to the opposite side. You should do 50 reps of these.

Curtsy Lunges - This kind of speaks for itself. Lets place your hand on your hips with both feet together. Keeping your hips facing forward, step back with the right leg into a lunge as if your curtsying. Repeat this move on the other leg and do at least 24 times.