Are you ready to get in your swimsuit?

Are you ready to get in your swimsuit?

Are summer holidays are creeping upon us, and that usually means stress to get our bodies out. 

Follow these Simple stress free tips from the Simple Advisory Board Experts and you’ll have your summer body prep sorted in no time.

Tip top tummy – getting your tummy into tip top shape doesn’t end with exercise. Cut out sugar, alcohol and carbs and start taking a probiotic supplement approx. 2 weeks before your holiday to help boost levels of friendly bacteria in your digestive system which can help reduce bloating (Fiona Hunter, Simple Nutritionist)

Dry knees and elbows – scaly skin isn’t a great look on anyone so start your prep now before you go. Blitz the skin with a fine grained body scrub (if you haven’t got one, a facial exfoliator will do just as well or I’ve even been known to create my own DIY version using sugar, lemon and honey) and then slather on a rich moisturiser. Don’t forget to buff those toes too! Top tip before bedtime: don’t forget to smoother hands and feet in your favourite body cream and pop on some cotton socks and gloves for instant hydrated skin by morning (Caroline Frazer, Simple Skincare Expert)

Munch on more essential fatty acids – this helps improve the texture of your skin, strengthens brittle nails and hair and restores your overall health. Look out for simple and tasty recipes that include salmon as this is bursting with omega-3 fats which help improve skin elasticity (Fiona Hunter, Simple Nutritionist)

Tight on time but need rapid results – high intensity circuit training is just the thing. Skipping is fun and fast and helps work muscles from lungs to quadriceps to your bottom and abs. Do in short 30-60 second bursts for maximum effect. Hula hooping is another cheap and enjoyable all-rounder exercise that can easily be done at home when watching TV (Anna Reich, Simple Fitness Expert)

Yo-yo is a no no – it can be tempting to crash diet before a holiday but don’t do it. Yo-yo dieting is bad for your skin because you end up becoming deficient in key nutrients, which can loosen the skin’s elasticity and make it sag. Stick to a sensible eating plan and incorporate your five a day fruit and vegies that span the rainbow such as skin friendly red peppers, apricots and kale (Fiona Hunter, Simple Nutritionist)

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