Are you eating healthily?

Are you eating healthily?

Eating healthy is the top priority for a lot of women, which is acceptable right, considering we're constantly told, we are what we eat? But what's been left to sacrifice as a result?

A new survery found that 61% of women would rather eat healthy than have a healthy relationship. 

The research conducted by Abe's Market, also found that 70% of women said they would rather their kids eat healthy than get good grades. 

Financial savings and a great wardrobe would also be wavered by 60% and 83% respectively, in order for a healthy body. 

“These are some surprising results on the importance of eating healthy for women,” said Jennifer Grayson, Abe’s Market contributing editor.

“Today’s woman knows the importance of health – and apparently many value good eating more than good grades and good relationships

While we are aware of the tremendous growth of “healthy eating”, these survey results were amazing. Women are increasingly making a having a healthy body their top priority over what we would traditionally think are their lifestyle milestones. “

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