Exercising at home can be just as beneficial as exercising at the gym. Not only is it cheaper than paying for a monthly contract, you can work out in the privacy of your own home – anytime you want.

No need to rush out to exercise!

No need to rush out to exercise!

To help people make the most out of their at home workout, New Image by High Street TV - the home of the strength and toning machine, Squat Magic, has put together a list of top tips for the most effective at-home workout.

  1. Remove all distractions – Turn your living room into a workout zone to avoid distractions around the house. Trying to exercise and stopping to answer a phone call or tripping over the dog makes for a bad workout, so turn your phone to airplane mode and block the room off to everyone in the house. This way you can complete your workout quicker and with more dedication.
  2. Train multiple areas at once – If you’re strapped for time it’s worth focusing on exercises that train multiple areas. The Squat Magic tones the glutes and thighs, as well as strengthening the core – training three areas at once.
  3. Use water bottles as weights – Turn bits and bobs from around the house into workout aids. Water bottles work well as weights, and stairs make an excellent alternative to a step machine.
  4. Take your workout to the garden – If you’re blessed with nice weather, take your workout outside. The fresh air feels great when exercising.
  5. Find a fitness friend – It’s so much easier to find the motivation to exercise when you’re with a friend. Invite them round for a workout session, followed by a chat and a refreshing NutriBullet smoothie. 
  6. Remember to warm up and cool down – This is essential to ensure you don’t wake up the next day with aches and pains. Try some light cardio to raise your heart rate before taking part in any strenuous exercise, and stretch your arms and legs afterwards to relax the muscles.
  7. Use any opportunity – Find yourself with a spare five minutes? Grab your Squat Magic and fit in a mini workout. Quick and easy to use, you can tone anywhere at any time, whether it’s waiting for the washing to finish, or watching your favourite television show.
  8. Track your progress – It can be hard to spot your progress when changes happen gradually over time. Create a tracker to note down your development. Looking back you’ll see just how much you’ve improved and it will motivate you to keep going. 
  9. Set up a motivational music playlist – Create an upbeat playlist to avoid disrupting your workout to skip past those downbeat songs. There’s nothing worse than working out to a song without a beat!
  10. 1Prepare your workout – Research workouts before you start so you can power through, instead of stopping throughout to think of what exercise is next. The Squat Magic comes with a how-to guide for 15 different squat variations to make it even easier when it comes to deciding on your routine.
Squat Magic is the perfect tool to aid your home workouts!
Squat Magic is the perfect tool to aid your home workouts!

The New Image range is actively innovating, bringing new technologies and products that cover a wide range of fitness needs. It’s about transforming the way that people feel and helping them to achieve their fitness and body goals. New Image is for every body - it’s a brand for men and women and provides fitness solutions no matter what age, ability or lifestyle.

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