I have always struggled with my weight, but at 24 I had my first baby via emergency C-section which left me bedridden for weeks.

Syeda Ali

Syeda Ali

During this time, I ended up binge eating comfort foods and, once I recovered, looking after a new-born made it even harder to adopt healthy eating habits and my weight spiralled. I chose to bury my emotions and convince myself that I was fine with being obese. However, when my daughter reached 5 months, I had a moment that changed my attitude. 

My beautiful little daughter had learnt to sit up by herself, watching her on the floor, I was overwhelmed with pride that my baby was reaching a key milestone. However, at the same time it dawned on me that I physically could not get up off the floor without having the sofa to support my own body weight. I knew something had to change and I had to do it for my daughter. On my 26th birthday I was introduced to a diet programme called Drop Away. I started on the Advance and Boost Programme and lost a stone in just 2 weeks! I was hooked! I continued and in under 4 months, I’ve lost 4.7 stone.

Whilst losing weight hasn’t changed who I am at the core, it’s transformed my life and I truly believe it’s made me a better mum. Here’s why:

  • I have more energy – before I lost weight, I would get out of breath just carrying my daughter. I constantly felt tired and lethargic making motherhood even more exhausting. Now I feel truly energised and have a new zest for life. I want to be active with my baby, I want her to run around and enjoy life.
  • I have more patience – before I started Drop Away my diet was high in sugar and processed foods. I found I got irritable really easily. With your blood sugar constantly going up and down I had mood swings that made it hard to be patient. Now I eat a diet that’s focused on home-made meals that are rich in nutrition, I feel calmer and more collected. Being patient is so important as a mother and I never realised that diet would really impact that.
  • I can play like kids do – before I lost weight, I would struggle to sit on the floor and play with my daughter. I would struggle to lift her up. I felt disabled in that sense, unable to really enjoy playing. Now I am lighter, I have more mobility. I love being able to run around after my daughter and play with her how she wants to play. It’s a wonderful way to bond and I felt I was really missing out before.
  • I’m leading by example when it comes to handing down good habits – I know that my daughter copies what I do. Following the Drop Away diet, I have started to enjoy things I never thought I would. For example, I now love drinking water, eating vegetable and actually want to exercise. I feel like I am a great role model for my daughter now, I want her to emulate the positive behaviour I have adopted.

Losing weight has helped me discover a new lease on life. I’m aiming to lose another 2.5 stone, but for now my transformation has not only helped me, but my whole family. Whilst I was a good mum before the weight loss, losing the stones has helped me to physically be the mum I wanted to be.

Syeda Ali has lost 4.7 Stones in under 4 months with Drop Away https://www.dropaway.co.uk/

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