If you are anything like me- you can cook if you absolutely have to, but hate it with a passion. Or sometimes you just can’t be bothered to follow a recipe so what would have been a nice meal ends up in the bin because you went off piste. If this sounds familiar, I have some top tips for doing the plan lazily- so if you’re not gifted in the kitchen or would rather do literally ANYTHING else other than pay a visit to your pan cupboard, here are my top suggestions.  

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Make breakfast the easiest meal of the day: Eat things like Weetabix for breakfast so all you have to measure is the milk and throw in two biscuits or eat toast from your Healthy B list and spread with Marmite (free) rather than butter or jam. Grab an Alpen Light Cereal bar instead of dividing up a larger box of cereal into the right portions. If you’re not a morning person, you will thank yourself when it comes to prepping the first meal of the day. 

Buy your food pre-cut: If your budget will stretch, as they can be a little more expensive- opt for fresh and frozen veg that is pre-cut to save you even more time. For example- buy the pre-prepared coleslaw mix of required veg, throw away the sauce they provide and make your own. Fancy a stir fry? Buy the packets of veg that include all of the peppers, mushrooms, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots then all you have to do is cook the meat (or substitute) and add the sauce. Making soup? Get your ingredients (including the garlic) down the frozen aisle, pop it all in the soup maker and that is the extent of your efforts. 

Make your microwave your best friend: One of the quickest and easiest free meals to make for lunch or dinner is a jacket potato with beans- both of which can be thrown in the microwave and cooked to perfection in a matter of minutes sans the fuss. Throw your frozen peas and sweetcorn in there for 5 minutes and no pan is required for fish and chip dinners or fake-away Nandos nights. Warm up soup from frozen or fresh and you’re done!

Avoid syns that you have to count/pour out: For instance- rather than taking single jelly beans or chocolate pieces out of a larger packet one at a time, swap your syns for a single item like a bar or smaller packet than having the temptation of a sharing bag/bar. When it comes to alcohol, why not invest in a few cans of pre-mixed spirits rather than having to pour out a single or double measure? These already portioned options will stop you from adding unwanted syns to your budget and can be grabbed on the go too. 

Keep your meals simple: If you don’t want to invest any time in the kitchen, just keep your meals as simple as possible. You are not obliged to try out all the recipes that are on offer on the app, online or in the books. Meat (or substitute) with a free seasoning, SW chips and speedy vegetables is an easy go to meal that will satisfy even the fussiest of partners and children so don’t make work for yourself where you don’t have to. 

Pick fuss free syn free foods: Stock your fruit bowl up with things that can be eaten right away such as apples, pears and grapes- you are less likely to eat something if it requires effort so avoid pineapples, mangoes and kiwi fruits if you know they will just sit and rot away because they involve you getting out a knife from the drawer. If you do really enjoy these foods- then go back to my earlier suggestion and get them pre-cut. 

Make sure all your cupboard staples are free: Only buy in what you know to be free, so when you throw some rub on the chicken breast you can be confident it’s not got a syn value or when you chuck some balsamic over your salad that you don’t have to reach for your app to find out how many syns it contains. The same goes for your fridge stuff too like fat free plain yoghurts and eggs- if you mix free foods with synned foods, you will have to constantly check your app for what you can have lots or a little of and you may throw in the towel before you've really begun.  

BONUS: Stock up on SW meals: Exclusive to Iceland- Slimming World has a full range of frozen meals, sauces, bars and meats that are all free foods, so if you have some spare cash in your shopping budget, get a few of these in and all the hard work has already been done for you! 

You can be lazy and succeed on this plan despite what the amateur chefs in group might lead you to believe- simply embrace being a minimalist cook and have faith that you will still lose weight! 

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