By Terri-Ann Nunns, Founder of the TerriAnn 7 Day Cleanse

There is still time to slim down before the festive season starts

There is still time to slim down before the festive season starts

Prepare – Preparation is key to the success of any diet. Take a few hours to read about what it will involve and the ingredients that are required so you are ready to get going on day one of your diet!

Stay hydrated – Many people believe consuming liquid will negatively impact weight loss, when in fact water will keep you feeling fuller for longer and you will also benefit from clearing out toxins leaving you with fresh unblemished skin.

Never miss a meal – When dieting, people often think they should eat as little as possible resulting in constant hunger and resentment of the diet. Instead, eat regularly (every 2-3 hours) and simply lower your portion sizes. Eating is actually the best way to assist with weight loss!

Pre-make meals Preparing food will make your life simpler as you will not have the temptation of ‘naughty’ and often highly calorific meals sold in shops and restaurants. Remember you can always pre-make meals the night before and take them out with you in a tupa-wear!

Exercise – Exercise is a fantastic way to aid weight loss and doesn’t necessarily have to mean going to the gym. Why not up your steps by as little as 200 per day and you may see a real difference?

Do not drink alcohol – I strongly advise staying away from alcohol when completing a cleanse. It’s highly calorific and could stop you getting into that dream LBD dress this winter.  

Do it with a friend – Finding it hard to get motivated with your weight loss plan? Why not motivate one another! Or, join a group such as the TerriAnn 7 Day Cleanse where a dedicated online community will provide constant support and guidance along the way.

The TerriAnn 7 Day Cleanse provides a strict seven day food plan consisting of six small meals a day that includes fresh, wholesome foods and  can see you lose around 1lb a day, all for just £9.99.

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