The way I approach this is by asking the following question, if you are carrying excess weight on your stomach and decide you want to get rid of it do you just do abdominal exercises?

Health & Fitness Expert and Personal Trainer tells all

Health & Fitness Expert and Personal Trainer tells all

The answer should be NO.

This is the same with bingo wings, just adding a few triceps exercises to your routine is not the answer for lean arms.

Let's look at 10 tips to help you out.

Assess your diet- I would advise writing down everything you eat and drink for 3 days ( 2 days in the week 1 day at the weekend) Take a long hard look at it , the chances are your underrating or overeating and eating the wrong balance of macros often high sugar high in carbohydrates.

Do something about it- Don't skip breakfast and aim for a protein /SMART fat breakfast this is a great start to the day for sustained energy and to help stop cravings. Look at 2-3 other meals rich in low fat protein, lots of green vegetables and moderate in good carbohydrates. Cut out refined foods and processed meats.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail- If you're working or out and about prepare your meals, it's very easy to grab a quick sandwich or burger but before you know it your piling up dead calories, the most important part of your lifestyle that needs to be looked at to sort out bingo wings is nutrition.

Hidden sugars- look at cutting out soft drinks, cereals and fruit juices. Make sure you always check labels sugar can be called many things like Fructose, dextrose, corn syrup and cane juice.

Watch your alcohol- Alcohol is just empty or dead calories with a pint of beer at around 200 calories and a glass of wine around 150 the calories can soon rack up .If you are having a night out go for single shots of spirits (75 calories) with a low calorie mixer make sure you drink plenty of water through the night as the alcohol will just dehydrate you.

Drink plenty of water- Most people are constantly dehydrated , don't rely on thirst as a sign you need water. For the body to work efficiently shoot for 2-3 litres of water per day. Cut it down in the evening so you don't get up in the night.

Coffee doesn't count go for fresh water, herbal teas are a much better alternative.

Sleep- Sleep is a big part of changing your body shape, if you lack sleep you are adding big stresses to the body and it really is a killer. People have families and busy lives so it can be tough but if you can shoot for 7-8 hours of quality sleep a night.

HIIT training - This is a great fat burner and we also have the added benefit of the EPOC effect if done correctly, this means you can burn fat for unto 36 hours after the workout. I would recommend a full body HIIT workout using big compound exercises. Squats, Military Press, Burpees, Kettle bell swings are all good examples.

Strength Training- If you add muscle you will burn more calories at rest, don't worry ladies you don't have the testosterone levels to look like THE HULK . Strength training is a great calorie burner and great way to reshape the body. It will also help stress levels and often promote better sleep.

Finally number 10, triceps exercises- Examples that will hit the muscle directly that can be added to your training are Bench dips, Lying french press and Triceps press down , its good to do the exercises slowly and deliberately to isolate the triceps shoot for 8-12 reps 3-4 sets.

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