Hayley Newton says dressing for your body shape is important

Hayley Newton says dressing for your body shape is important

For many, summer can be a time of dread when thinking of those little outfits. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Draw inspiration and start your journey today.

Looking good while you workout makes you feel wonderful, and lets face it, we all want to look fabulous and glamorous. From yummy mummies to glamorous grandma’s, women of all ages are looking for that look!!!!

It's all very well being a celebrity and having a nutritionist, personal trainer, make-up artist and stylist follow you about, but how does a real girl look just as good?

Nowadays, you can pick up workout clothes from Tesco’s all the way to Juicy Couture…. but whatever you pick, make sure it suits YOUR body as you will spend a lot of time looking in those gym mirrors. There is nothing worse than ill-fitting workout clothes.

Drawing attention to your best features and dressing with a few key principles, are the best ways to make yourself look ten pounds lighter.

If you are pear-shaped, then darker bottoms and interesting tops draw eyes upward. If you want to downplay a heavier upper half, then wear simple tops and shirts. No patterns that draw your eye to the problem area.

Now you are looking hot, lets start working!!!!

If your body is straight up & down, then you can buy fantastic sports bras that accentuate the boobs making you look more curvy. Clothes that have patterns, logos and varied styles will also change the look of your structure and draw attention to different areas making you seem to have more going on than actually what’s there ;)

Lets get to work though. Cardio again!

Jump Rope

Yes, you read that right, a jump rope.  A simple jump rope can reap hopping hot rewards.  The cost is practically nothing and it’s so much fun!  Doing a menagerie of jumping exercises everyday is aerobic as well as toning.  You can vary your routine, and even do this with your children.

Balance Ball

For a low cost, this has great rewards.  The balance ball can be used for many different types of toning, and it really helps to develop your core.  For additional benefits, use the ball with hand weights or as I use, bottles of water.  You can increase your balance, and tone your abdominals, arms, and legs.

Keeping on the Glam side

Why not you tube a simple Salsa video, or better yet, go to a salsa bar. This sexy form of dance is great exercise and so much fun.

I recently had a great friend of mine Janette Manrara from the hit West End show Burn the Floor come into Italia Conti Arts Centre and give a master class. Wow, so much fun, take a peep

Whether it’s pilates for toning your muscles, running for 20 minutes trimming your waist or yoga for clearing your mind, regular exercise has physical and emotional benefits.

Exercise relaxes you, reduces your stress level, makes you feel fabulous….

Don’t forget, no matter what your size, shape or colour there are enough sneaky beauty tricks out there to make the most of what Mother Nature gave you. Enjoy!

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