Steve Tansey MSc, Head of Research and Development, Les Mills UK reveals his top ten tips on how to stick to your fitness regimes 

Les Mills UK celebrates 25 years of BODYPUMP100 at Urban Fitness London

Les Mills UK celebrates 25 years of BODYPUMP100 at Urban Fitness London

Adapt your eating to match your new lifestyle. Eating healthier will put you in the right mindset for exercise and provide you with the results from that exercise much faster, keeping you in the habit.

Exercise with others; regardless of whether that’s with one other person or in an exercise class. 80% of exercising is turning up! Having someone relying on you for a workout can be the deciding factor to packing your gym bag and heading for that all-important workout.

It must be something you enjoy. Spend time trying everything to find something that makes you want to exercise.

Realistic goals – i.e. Ask a PT or fitness Instructor within the gym to measure your Body Fat percentage and set yourself small achievable goals to reduce this.

Music – Training with music has been shown to have further benefits on exercise adherence as well as performance due to narrowed attention focus.

Learn as much as you can about the types of training you’re devoting your time to. Ensure that you are spending your time effectively by going to scientifically proven pre-choreographed exercise classes (i.e. Les Mills classes) or gather advise on workout plans from reliable sources.

Sleep is key to producing the hormones needed to exercise effectively. Try to reduce television time and increase time in bed especially on training days.

Don’t train every day. Recovery is just as important to maintaining a healthy regime as intensity and frequency around exercise.

Don’t compare yourselves to others, you are unique and on your own fitness journey.

Clothing – wear something that makes you feel good and doesn’t restrict movement.

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