With so many different types of mattresses out there, finding the perfect one for you can feel like a daunting task. The two most popular types are memory foam and hybrid fillings, and while you might know a lot about memory foam, what exactly is a hybrid mattress?

Is it time to swap your mattress? Photocredit: Dormeo
Is it time to swap your mattress? Photocredit: Dormeo

What is a hybrid mattress?

Where traditional memory foam mattresses consist of a single layer of memory foam, hybrid mattresses, (also called combination mattresses) are those that contain two different mattress fillings. These are usually a pocket sprung system topped off with a comfort layer of memory foam, although some are made from latex or gel instead. Hybrid mattresses combine the properties of each material used for the layers, including the bounce of a pocket sprung mattress and the support and comfort of memory foam.

Because they make the most of two different types of fillings, hybrid mattresses are good for a wide range of sleepers, especially back and front sleepers.

But what are the benefits of a hybrid mattress compared to memory foam?


Memory foam is made from a visco-elastic material that moulds around your body and has become popular due to its ability to cradle you as you sleep. A hybrid mattress has all the comfort and support of the memory foam top, with a pocket spring layer that provides extra cushioning for your spine as you sleep. This creates what some people like to call a weightless feeling.

They can be cooler than memory foam

Unless it has extra ventilation, like our Octasmart and Octaspring mattresses, traditional memory foam can often get quite warm. Hybrid mattresses have small gaps between the pocketed coils that helps with airflow, meaning they're better at dissipating heat. So, if you find that you tend to get too hot during the night, they could be a cooler option.

Back pain be gone

Because they contain two different fillings, hybrid mattresses offer more comfort characteristics than alternatives. The memory foam top of your hybrid mattress moulds around your body and works with the spring layer to support all your pressure points, including the base of your spine, your hips, and shoulders. This ensures that your weight is distributed evenly, and your body feels fully supported and relaxed as you sleep, making hybrid mattresses a great option for alleviating and preventing back pain.

They have little motion transfer

In a traditional innerspring mattress, each coil is interconnected, which means every movement you make in bed is transferred across the whole mattress. One of the benefits of a hybrid memory foam mattress is that they allow for very little motion transfer. This is because the springs in a hybrid mattress are all separate from one another, meaning they can move individually without disturbing the rest of the bed as much.

Due to their springs, hybrid mattresses still allow for a minor amount of motion transfer. If you or your partner is a restless sleeper, then a memory foam mattress might be a better option for you as they have very little bounce.

They offer more edge support

Edge support refers to the structure and amount of resistance a mattress offers around its corners. Good edge support can:

  • Increase the surface area made for sleeping
  • Help your mattress last longer
  • Provide a good spot for sitting
  • Be more secure and stop you from rolling out of bed

As memory foam mattresses are usually made from one single section of foam, they will keep their structural integrity and generally don't have extra edge support built in. However, as hybrid mattresses are made from multiple layers, they usually have some form of edge support to protect the pocket sprung coils.

Whether you have edge support can be a matter of preference. If the benefits of edge support aren't a priority for you, then a memory foam mattress is a good option. Alternatively, some people like the extra security and strength edge support can offer, which makes a hybrid mattress a good option for children or those who weigh 18 stone or more.

Octasmart Hybrid Plus mattress review

If you’re ready to make the transition to a hybrid mattress then why not try Dormeo’s latest addition – you will not be disappointed.

This multi award-winning mattress is blissfully comforting and will feel as though you are laying amongst the clouds. The patented foam springs deliver three dimensional support through their ability to adapt to every inch of your body, cradling it and providing a new level of comfort.

Say goodbye to back pain and disturbed sleep as the individually placed ‘Octasprings’ are positioned in unique zones – matching your body shape to create an even higher level of customised support.

But what if it’s the temperature that affects your sleep? Not to worry! The ‘OctAvent’ air system makes the mattress 8x more breathable compared to other foam mattresses. It promotes natural fresh air flow and cools your bed temperature which makes a big difference in helping you fall asleep faster and enables a longer and deeper sleep.

Dormeo’s ‘Octasmart Hybrid Plus’ mattress is perfect for anyone who struggles with their sleep, finds it difficult to get comfortable and ideal if you are looking to update your mattress.

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