Jillian Michaels is a woman who's known for her tough talk, strength, ability and drive to motivate herself and others across the globe. Now a household name for many, Jillian is inviting fans to come into her life in a different way, through new docu-series Just Jillian.

Credit: E!

Credit: E!

With two kids, the love of her life, a steadfast business partner, family of dear friends and a whopping 15 pets, Just Jillian viewers will be granted a backstage pass into Jillian's personal life when the show premieres tonight in the UK - Tuesday January 26.

Jillian gave us five exercises that anybody can implement into a busy day at work, any time, any place!

1) Squats - Start by standing up tall, with your shoulders back and your feet about shoulder width apart. Toes must be pointed forward, before you inhale as you squat back with all of your weight on your heels. Bend at the knee and stick your butt back as you lower, whilst keeping your head and chest up and your eyes looking forward.

If you're struggling with balance, bring your arms out in front of you as you lower, but be sure not to let your knees go past your toes. Getting thighs parallel to the ground is essential for the best results. Pressing back up through your heels, exhale and squeeze your butt before standing back up straight.

2) Stairs - Assuming you have stairs, this is one of the easiest exercises you could do. Running up and down the stairs 10-15 times a day really makes a difference!

3) Lunges - When lunging you must make sure to keep your upper body straight, your shoulders back and your chin up. Picking a point to look at in front of you ensures you don't keep looking down.

Lower your hips as you step forward with one leg until both knees are bent at around 90 degrees. Your front knee should be above your ankle, not pushed out further, and your knee should never touch the floor. When pushing back up, keep the weight in your heels.

4) Push ups - Pretty self explanatory, but make sure to come onto the balls of your feet and the heels of your hand, before walking the feet back into the plan position. Keep hips lifted to avoid your lower back bowing - your belly should be drawn towards the ground.

You should then move to lower your entire body as one solid piece towards the floor. Elbows will bend out to the side rather than behind you and your abs and leg muscles should be kept engaged throughout. Keep your head in line with your spine so as not to let it droop.

5) Sit ups - Heels should remain flat on the floor with knees bent at a 90-degree angle, and your arms crossed in front of your chest so your hands remain in contact with your shoulders or chest.

Just Jillian premieres Tuesday 26th January at 9pm on E!

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