Especially in the dental industry, there is a misconception that Doctors keep a cold and rational distance to their clients. Although for the practicing part that is true and for the better, Dr. Kenny Wilstead, DDS, emphasizes the importance of compassion and empathy towards clients.

Dr. Kenny Wilstead

Dr. Kenny Wilstead

Dr. Kenny Wilstead has become a global sensation. The dental surgeon with decades of experience and mentorship from over 25 well-recognized dentists currently resides in Texas and runs a family-owned Smile Dental Clinic with his wife and three children.

Dr Wilstead has received world-wide recognition for providing cost-effective or even charity services to the people in dire need of dental treatments. These include women or young mothers without any financial strength to afford braces, implants, and other treatment options. He has actively participated in various lifestyle news outlets, YouTube channels, and social media platforms to talk about the qualities of being a well-versed dentist.

According to the professional, compassion is what makes you a better dentist. If you can prioritize a client and come up with a hand-tailored treatment method, it will bear great results. These endeavors won’t just favor your client and enable you to grow as a professional with better expertise. While Dr. Wilstead understands the need for conventional methods, he urges the future generation of dentists to break through these limitations.

Dr. Kenny Wilstead, DDS, credits his speed for cost-effective services. The speed and proficiency would be impossible if he stuck to the conventional methods. Thus, he aims to inspire other dentists by leading through the examples of his work. Correlatively, he emphasizes that a client’s smile, aesthetic aspects of dental health, should be prioritized. Almost everyone in this world wants a charming smile, and for that, a dentist would be responsible.

Many dentists’ first work on solving the problem and providing the treatment. They are quick to pull out the teeth and replace them with implants. However, if they can take the time to process the method and understand the problem, they can get better results. According to Dr. Wilstead, it is pivotal to contemplate whether the patient can afford the treatment or not.

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