What does Kneipp mean to you? In Bad Worishofen Germany it means a way of life, a philosophy.

Kneipp Firming Oil

Kneipp Firming Oil

Sebastian Kneipp was born on the 17th May 1821 the son of a weaver one of 5 children. The family were extremely poor and Sebastian had to help his family and worked as a weaver alongside his father, but he wanted more from life.

So Sebastian set off to Presbytery asking the priests to help support him in his studies but no one helped, and after his parent's home burnt down in 1842 he moved away.

Luckily for Sebastian he was taken in by Chaplain Matthias Merkle, because of this Sebastian decided to become a priest so he could help everyone. During his time with the Chaplain he attended the grammar school in Dillingen an der Donau, a Bavarian town on the River Danube.

Sebastian fell ill with Tuberculosis, but he carried on his training and whilst studying he came across a little book titled 'Teachings on the miraculous healing powers of fresh water'. Immersing himself every day in the Daubes icy water Sebastian Kneipp cured himself, the brief exposure to the cold water boosted his immune system and using that knowledge he helped cure other people from illness.

Sebastian was a naturopath and in 1852 he was ordained a priest in Augsburg Cathedral and not long after that he was appointed as father confessor at the Dominican convey in Worishofen, where he remained for the next forty years.

In 1896 Hotel Kneippianum was opened and is the leading Kneipp and Health Resort

Kneipp developed a philosophy consisting of 5 pillars, which have increasing relevance for us today

1 Water is kneipp's - cure Water is the core pillar of his philosophy it stimulates circulation strengthening the body natural defence system

2 Physical exercise giving you a sense of well being and strengthening the boys' natural immune defences

3 Plants in all the Kneipp range contain many nutrients and benefits including a high concentration of natural plant extracts

4 Nutrition to follow healthy well balanced diet

5 A balanced lifestyle to keep the body and spirit in equilibrium.

Sebastian became good friends and partners with a Warburg pharmacist who shared the same passions for natural healing remedies harnessing the healing power of water plants and herbs. They used only natural plant essence and pure ingredients as a base, creating innovative formulas that still live on today in an extensive range of bath and body treatments.

Kneipp foot infusion bath
Kneipp foot infusion bath

Even today over 120 years on the Kneippainum is a place of relaxation, somewhere to go to convalesce to chill and get away from everyday life, specialising in water effusion treatments and the whole of Bad Worishofen embraces Kneipp's philosophy. Water treatment areas are found in the streets and parks, just take off your shoes and walk in the spa's or use the special basins to put your arms in and feel the soothing effects, its a way of life.

Jochen Reisberber is the Spa Manager of the Kneippainum and his enthusiasm and passion for Kneipp and its water treatments is infectious. As such during our tour I took every opportunity to paddle in the waters and it does make you feel full vigor.

Kneipp arm infusion baths
Kneipp arm infusion baths

At the hotel I did take part in two treatments, I was woken at 6.00 by a lady who gave me one the Kneippanium most famous treatments which consists of hay flowers placed in a linen bag and heated with hot steam, to help ease you into a deep sleep, I didn't think it would work for me, being woke up someone putting this sack on my back wrapping me up like a baby then tucking me in and then she left, well at 7.50 I woke up felt amazing.

I had get up to shower before my next treatment at 8.15 one were you put your feet in to a warm water bath for 5 minutes then straight into cold water for about 30 then back into the warm water it gave me a tingling sensation but was quiet relaxing.

We had a tour of the Kneipp factory where the we saw the production from start to finish, of the lotions tablets and bath salts which I found really interesting. We then went round quality control to see selected products being tested to make sure every batch was the same. All of the products are only natural and superior quality.

Bath and Body product - Based on its holistic philosophy of Kneipp offers an extensive bath and body care range: providing unique, innovative and natural products for health and wellbeing.

Mineral bath crystal salts: -

Award winning are therapeutic to help clear the mind and soothe the body

Herbal bath: -

Breath away daily stress, strain and fatigue with the highly concentrated essential oils

Body wash: -

Combined with water, each body wash releases essential oils to ease stress, tiredness and lift the spirit

Sparkling Bath tablets: -

These effervescent talents gently fizz as they release the aromatic essential oils

Skin firming: -

With its unique blend of greased oil and sandalwood fruit its designed to firm, smooth and nourish the skin

Foot care: -

Contains powerful oils to help relieve pressure and stress from tired feet, whilst delivering an energising aroma

Massage oil: -

Offers effective body care, from soothing aching joints and muscles to helping firm and tone skin.

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