Does sugar confuse you?

Does sugar confuse you?

As the obesity debate continues to capture the nation’s attention, a new campaign has been launched, Making Sense of Sugar, to help inform and educate people about sugar, the role it can play as part of a healthy balanced diet, and to help people to make better informed choices about what they consume.

Based on robust science and facts, the long-term campaign, by AB Sugar, will provide information about sugar in a way which is simple, straightforward and informative. Additionally, it will address the myths around sugar and obesity and help people better understand the link between the energy (calories) they consume versus the energy (calories) they expend.

The campaign kicks-off with the launch of the website. It is packed with the latest facts and stats, clarifying some of the confusion behind sugars. The website debunks myths, provides tips on healthy eating and staying active, as well as helping consumers learn about the different types of sugars and how they are used, through to  simple guidance on how to identify sugars within foodstuffs.

As part of the campaign, AB Sugar has also commissioned an independent report in partnership with 2020Health, exploring potential policy solutions to the current obesity epidemic.

Mark Carr, CEO of AB Sugar, commented: “This campaign forms part of a long-term, sustained investment from AB Sugar and, as a responsible business, reflects our commitment to help tackle the UK’s obesity challenge. 

Obesity is a complex issue that has no single cause. Current scientific consensus points to the over-consumption of calories in all its forms and our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, rather than obesity being a result of a single ingredient, such as sugar. In fact, as obesity rates continue to rise total sugars in the diet have actually fallen by almost 12% per capita in the past decade.

We believe that there is an important job to be done to help empower consumers to make informed choices and to balance their overall calorie intake and diet. Tackling the obesity epidemic requires collaborative action and we are committed to playing our part.”

Sharon Fisher, Communications Manager of AB Sugar, commented: “We’ve launched Making Sense of Sugar to inform and educate people about sugar. Our research has found that there is much confusion around health and obesity, especially where sugar is concerned.

With this campaign, we want to provide factual and helpful information, where people who may be confused or simply want to learn more about sugar can do so and we encourage anyone with an interest in sugar to visit the website and follow us on Twitter to get the latest campaign news and updates.”

Visit the Making Sense of Sugar website, watch an informative new video and follow the campaign at @senseofsugar.

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