Being a celebrity is more than a status, but it also means receiving a noble behaviour from all around, attending lavish parties and eating out in luxurious diners, let alone the care and the attention that celebrity actors and singers get from their fans. Let’s say that we talked about the good part, but what about the paparazzi following the celebrities all around. Honestly, they do follow their every step and they even notice when celebrities lose 2 pounds.

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy

Regarding the kilograms, many celebrities or almost all of them spend a fortune of best diet plan, weight loss programmes, even surgeries to look the way they look. Would you say the good look pays off with having a lot of fans? Well, not really, when it comes to the young and beautiful Hollywood actress Melissa McCarthy, who besides her obesity problems, she was still dear to people who enjoyed her hilarious roles in the Hollywood movies.

But recently, the 45- year-old comedian proudly walked along the red carpets around the world showing off her 50 pound-weight loss, while everyone else around couldn’t hide the positive admiration and awe for the actress.

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Revolution

Shortly after her exposure of her slim figure on the red carpets around the globe, many people blamed her weight loss on the alleged surgeries. However, her only goal was to become a mother, a wife and a woman which would be an example for her kids mostly in terms of her eating habits.  In other words, Melissa McCarthy wanted to make changes, starting from herself first.

In order to lose weight, Melissa McCarthy was on a strict diet plan, then she took a good rest by going to bed very early which reduces the risk of eating caloric food late and exercising, of course. This weight loss formula was an inspiration to millions to follow this weight loss strategy.

Melissa McCarthy based her diet on eating food high in proteins and fats, but she ate food low in carbohydrates. This diet plan was not only successful and effective for achieving weight loss, but also for immunity boost and excellent muscles mass building.

What exactly is Melissa McCarthy‘s secret to lose weight effortlessly?

If you want to be successful in this diet, persistence is required from you. Moreover, you shouldn’t starve yourselves, since starving is risky simply because it gives the opposite feedback or it may result in immunity collapse or even depression. Melissa McCarthy says that a specialized nutritionist is recommended on your way to a considerable weight loss.

After getting out of bed, Melissa McCarthy drinks a freshly made smoothie such as chia seeds, apple, almond milk, kale and spinach.

For breakfast, Melissa McCarthy eats scrambled egg whites with veggies and grilled chicken.

Between the breakfast and the lunch, she consumes wild cod with cooked broccoli. A cup of green teas is recommended at this time.

For lunch, grilled chicken breasts with a salad are on the menu. Again, a cup of green tea goes with it too.

For dinner, veggies (fresh or cooked) are on Melissa McCarthy’s menu sometimes combined with beef.

To lose weight quickly, exercises are obligatory. But, the good news is that you will enjoy these kind of trainings. Especially, if you hire a professional trainer consider that you will be almost there. A professional will lead you through this weight loss process easily, moreover you will be sure you are doing it right. The results won’t fall behind. Why going through all this alone? Find company in the gym.

Another recommendation is a nutritionist, who will be able to make a special diet plan for you to lose weight, according to the results she gets from your blood check. When you have a plan professionally made for you to lose weight, the results will be more than obvious in short period of time.

At the end-

We are flabbergasted with Melissa McCarthy and her determination to lose weight. Now, she looks fabulous. She is a proof of the remarkable benefits that a healthy diet plan brings along. Live a life which will not only make you satisfied, but also look satisfied. A good body shape is always inspiring to the world, especially if you got the right diet to lose weight in this way.

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