Olivia Cox, TV presenter, blogger and former British Army officer, shares five reasons to join her and climb on board an indoor rower this New Year…

Olivia Cox

Olivia Cox

A fresh challenge.

It’s the time of year when most people make resolutions about their health and fitness, but all too often we’re so ambitious we simply can’t see them through. Nobody becomes a gym bunny overnight, so having a goal with a clear end point is a brilliant way to get motivated. The Great Row for Cancer Research UK is challenging, yet achievable. You can choose the distance you want to row (from 2k up to a full marathon) and you have to complete it before 1st April. That finish date gives you something to work towards and look forward to (so get that celebratory Sunday roast booked now)!

Body & Mind.

Exercise is a great mood-booster, and in these dark winter months that extra endorphin lift can make all the difference. Rowing is the most efficient and effective workout you can do, helping you get the most out of your time spent in the gym. It also works the whole body, so you can leave feeling satisfied that you’re giving love to as many muscles as possible.

Get sweaty. Make friends.

Have you ever noticed how there’s a weird camaraderie in certain areas of the gym? Those who occupy the rowing machine have got team spirit down to a tee. It’s a social activity because, not only are the machines usually positioned side by side, it’s also a low-impact workout, which means you should easily be able to hold a conversation with your next door rowing neighbour. Not only will you be getting fit, but you can catch up with friends in the process. Or make new ones!

The kit

Using a new machine in the gym is ABSOLUTELY a reason to treat yourself to some bright new sports kit so feel inspired and feel good whilst taking on the challenge.

Olivia Cox is taking on The Great Row, a challenge inspired by The Cancer Research UK Boat Races this April. Whether you’ve never rowed before, fancy yourself as a pro or you’re just looking for a new training goal, there’s a challenge level for everyone. For more information on how to pull together to beat cancer visit www.cancerresearchuk.org/TheGreatRow or search #PullTogether