Women helping women is a formidable testimony. We’re talking about real support, here…not gummy buzzwords or chapping the latest gimmick in social trends. When people come together and build community, something incredible happens. When women encourage conversation and elevate each other’s struggles, landscapes begin to change. When companies like Mixhers arrive on the scene, we start to witness societal shifts in normalizing personal health, correcting the narratives surrounding women’s wellness, and building a network of passionate people empowering each other one drink at a time.

Owning Your Health

Owning Your Health

Mixhers was founded in 2019 by Jess Toolson, and what started as a solution to her own menstrual hurdles quickly flourished into an empire. The company deals in vegan, all-natural drink supplements that regulate and support healthy periods, along with nutritional gain, quality sleep, and, yes, libido. The colorful concoctions are the expertise of Cody Sanders, co-founder and holistic practitioner. When Toolson gave birth to twins and became susceptible to painstaking period symptoms, she united with Sanders to explore authentic methods of managing a menstrual cycle, as modern medicine proved unreliable and void of real resolution. The duo began crafting a batch of clean drink mixtures that are free of fluff but packed with essentials like giant sea kelp, beet root, and pomegranate, all of which work together to regulate hormones, balance estrogen, reduce inflammations, and nourish the body in full. The secret to Mixhers is really no secret at all, because harnessing the natural vitality of Mother Earth is a proven strategy that our bodies organically crave. The women behind Mixhers are simply showing us what we’ve been missing all along, and that our periods don’t have to be painful.

Part of the success of Mixhers is their unconventional wardrobe as a women-run business. It’s easy to imagine a generic archetype when we think of women-owned and operated outfits, but the ladies of Mixhers prioritize people over profit. They’ve excelled in building a supportive community of women that’s teeming with love and light, working to understand each other’s struggles and provide encouragement, solutions, and a sisterhood that’s tethered by experience. They even orchestrate social gatherings for their communities, the last one of which amounted to 700 attendees in Arizona. The miracles really begin where the conversations happen, and a force like Mixhers is actively opening the floor for discussions surrounding tender topics like menstrual cycles, sex drive, and physical fitness. These vulnerable exchanges are what separate Mixhers from market competitors, which, as of today, are very few. Even beyond a business perspective, Mixhers is doing more than selling a wellness product. They are doing the leg work to foster a fellowship of women nationwide who hear the struggles and react with support, sculpting a healthy environment for everyone. Women’s health is often a taboo subject that we’re taught to silence, or to address with unrealistic strategies that end up suppressing the body’s growth and development. Above anything else, Mixhers is a movement, and it’s covering a lot of ground with no signs of slowing.

With nine unique mixtures that target common pressure points in women’s health under their belts, the ladies at Mixhers are providing a labor of love in their work. The supplements themselves are bursting with natural flavors that not only enhance bodily functions, but pack a punch with essential vitamins, minerals, and organics that make your rotations enjoyable and easy. The root cause of painful periods is nutrition deficiency, and, let’s face it, incorporating healthy decisions into your daily routines is easier said than done. The trick to building better nutrition is equal parts habitual dedication and finding a strategy that works for you. Employing supplements like “Hertime”, which comes in a variety of natural flavors ranging from tropical berry to a more citrus profile, can assist in regulating your diet to include the necessary nourishment that’s critical for painless periods. These mixtures can be whisked into smoothies, juices, or just plain water for easy, on-the-go upkeep. Better nutrition starts with your time, but it doesn’t end with Hertime; Mixhers also tackle the issue of women’s sex drive, which is often neglected in libido discussions. For this reason, they introduced Herlove, a love potion that relieves stress, supports sex-drive hormones, and increases sensitivity and sensation. The Mixhers team has seen explosive responses to Herlove, and no wonder, when 40% of women claim to have weakened libido. When they first launched Herlove, the website crashed three times from consumer response. Mixhers is working to correct the narrative that women have lower sex drives than men, and they’ve paired the success of Herlove with original content on their blog to make up for the lack of literature online regarding women’s libido. The Herlove supplement comes in crimson, with flavors like passionfruit and huckleberry that are sure to get things blooming.

To further propel their dedication to community, Mixhers also launched a podcast called “It’s Hertime”, in which Toolson and Sanders unpack the myths and misconceptions about everyday women’s health. The podcast enjoys its post in the top 2% of podcasts currently running, and offers another dimension for inclusivity and education on becoming a better version of yourself.

At its core, Mixhers strives to create a movement that people want to be involved with. It’s asking us to consider what could be if we take back our bodies and own our periods, which in itself is becoming more involved in our health and wellness. The company is already breaking boundaries and uniting with other women-run vessels, like BootayBag, LOLA, and Allison Holker, and their networks continue to reach all four corners of the country. The truth is, Mixhers is a community-driven effort, and as a fully self-funded company, they look to their consumers for product inspiration, and as their community grows, so will the brand.

  Oftentimes, women empowerment can feel like a buzzword, but it’s companies like Mixhers that are putting the power in the hands of the women they serve, proving that real change begins with community and honest intention. Their supplements are simply natural, achieving a new level of success in nutritional markets by supplying a delicious solution to an earth-born problem. The mixtures are dynamic and retain the ‘fun’ in function (we’re looking at you, Mixhers Mocktails). The future of this nutritional powerhouse is bubbling bright, and with Mixhers coming in clutch, you’ll never be alone in your wellness or your time of the month.




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