Paula is working with Viridian to encourage healthy lifestyles
Paula is working with Viridian to encourage healthy lifestyles

Former British long-distance runner Paula Radcliffe MBE is fronting the first of its kind Indy Health Week campaign which is being run by ethical vitamin company Viridian.

Running from October 23 to October 31, this week-long campaign is hoping to encourage people to live healthy lifestyles and visit their local health shops to see what they have to offer and gain an insight into the knowledge they can impart to help wellbeing.

The three-time London Marathon winner spoke about what she does to keep healthy, explained how vital it is to maintain our health and fitness and revealed why she wanted to get involved in Indy Health Week.

Q) What did your lockdown look like in terms of health and fitness?

A) It was good in terms of the fact that I had more time to devote to health and fitness and it was lovely to be together with my family. The challenging part was exercising within the hour within a 1 km radius during the first lockdown!

Q) And what sorts of things are you doing now to keep healthy?

A) The same things I usually do. I run most days, try to lift and do core training a couple of times a week and to eat a balanced and healthy diet. I also try to get enough sleep, which is vital for wellbeing.

Q) How important is it to stay healthy and maintain fitness?

A) I think it is vital. By staying healthy and fit we are able get far more out of our lives and enjoy them more. We are also better equipped to be mentally healthy and to fight off infections.

Q) What would you recommend people who work long hours should do to stay healthy, especially as we’re nearly in winter with cold and dark evenings?

A) It’s important to try to eat well and get enough sleep and stock up on vitamins in your diet. Exercise often. Ensure you are in the right clothes to be seen and be able to exercise comfortably. Meet outside in groups for safety and motivation. Set goals to work towards. This helps to keep motivation up. Make sure you reward yourself afterwards.

Q) Why do we need to understand our bodies in order to have a good mental wellbeing?

A) Our bodies and minds are so intertwined, and one cannot be healthy without the other being so! Physical health and activity have a feel-good effect on the mind. It teaches you to understand and respect your body better. Understanding our body brings a sense of appreciation for what it can achieve when looked after correctly.

Q) What is Indy Health Week?

A) It’s the first year of Indy Health Week (23rd-31st October) and it is really exciting. It’s a week run by ethical vitamin company Viridian and is designed to help the nation live healthier lifestyles and to celebrate and recognise the contribution independent health stores make to our well-being. There is so much knowledge behind the doors of these stores and we wanted to shout about it!

Q) And why did you want to get involved in this campaign?

A) It’s a great campaign to be part of. It was through advice from my local health food store that I learned the vital components of a healthy diet. It was tailored to support my lifestyle which was amazing. Over the past 18 months, I think many of us have become more invested in our health and ways that we can stay fit and healthy. The right diet and supplements are key to this, and they are all championed by local health stores.

Q) What is the best way for people to support Indy Health Week?

A) The first thing to do is visit the website – from here, you can download a voucher and visit your local health store to get a free ‘Foundations of Nutrition’ sample pack worth over £20. The packs are brilliant, supplied by Viridian Nutrition, they include three supplements and a book by qualified nutritionist Jenny Carson. Also, find out where your local health store is and pop in. You may be surprised at what you find.

Viridian Indy Health Week runs from 23-31st Oct 21.

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