Work some activity into your trip

Light exercise can really help alleviate period pains due to the increase in blood circulation. Whether it be going for a light jog on the beach in the morning before you start your day orgetting involved in some evening yoga, try and incorporate some activity into your day. Feeling free from period pains will make you feel more confident to join in holiday activities and not let it spoil your trip!

Be tactical with your choice of swimwear

Be tactical with your choice of swimwear

Be tactical with your choice of swimwear

So your period has arrived and you’re suddenly dreading being on the beach in your bikini. There’s no need to panic, you just might want to be tactical about your swimwear choices. Black is the obvious choice, but also any other dark colours will help to disguise leaks if they do happen. If you’re still concerned, bring a beach cover-up or wrap skirt with you for extra assurance.

Work the holiday hair

Some of us may find that our hair can get a little greasier just before our period - this as a result of the estrogen levels that increase just before your period starts, which leads to asurge in oil production in the skin. Embrace the grease and opt for some holiday braids when hitting the beach – keeping your hair off your face and shoulders will also keep you cool in the heat!

Choose the right fit

Leaking usually happens when we use the wrong size tampon or pad, or when we forget to change it. Make sure you choose the right size for your flow to avoid this – femcare brand are soon launching their bettypads, which are specifically designed to fit your body and flow perfectly, and they even come with a size guide so you can find your fit.

Carry some supplies for emergencies

If you’re heading out to do a full day of activities whilst on holiday and feeling a little nervous about leaking, just take some emergency supplies along with you. FabLittleBag is a great little disposal bag for you to safely dispose of your tampon or pad if you’re worried you might be caught short without proper toilet facilities.

Wear fabulous clothes

It’s far too comfortable for women to get in their comfiest clothes when they’re on their period and just chill out. Boost your confidence a little and wear your favourite summer clothes that make you feel amazing, as there’s no need to compromise your outfits just because your period has arrived.

Choose your diet wisely

Try to stay away from ordering foods high in saturated fat when you’re out, as this can worsen period pains. Instead, pile up on fruit – bananas are especially good, as they’re packed with vitamin B6 and potassium, which can stop you from feeling bloated and helps to avoid muscle cramping.

Beat the bloat

When your body is dehydrated, it holds onto the water in your body, which can leave you feeling and looking even more bloated when you’re on your period. Make sure you drink plenty of water to flush your body of toxins and keep hydrated.

Try something new

Your period shouldn’t hold you back from having fun and getting involved, so get out there when you’re on holiday and do something you wouldn’t have normally. Say yes to new experiences and it will instantly boost your confidence.

Think about your skin

Go for a facial sun cream that’s not as greasy to prevent breakouts due to the extra oil on your skin. They’re also a lot nicer to apply and sit better with make-up, meaning your foundation and eye make-up is much less likely to slide off your face in the sun!

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